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Strategies for Building Effective Relationships


Currently, for any business to realize growth and profitability, it is imperative to ensure that a good working relationship thrives in the workplace. Therefore, a business manager must play an active role in ensuring harmonious and orderly relationship between senior staff, supervisors and peers (Ryan & Oestreich, 1998). This initiative is vital because good working relationship promote job satisfaction among all employees. In addition, organizational goals cannot be achieved singlehandedly, and there has to be good working relationship to ensure successful attainment of organizational goals and objectives. However, good working rapport does not develop by itself, but a business manager must establish effective techniques aimed at forging good working relationship among staff. This paper will delve on various leadership skills that a business manager must apply in order to create good working relationship in the workplace.

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Open Communication

One of the most important leadership skills that can help to foster good working relationship is open communication in the workplace. It implies that a manager must ensure that there is free flow of communication in the organization, where co-workers have the opportunity to express their opinions professionally on issues related to work. In this regard, all employees should be encouraged to express their thoughts on various projects and tasks undertaken by the organization. Open communication is imperative to the success of the organization because it fosters morale and team building (Ryan & Oestreich, 1998). Therefore, with regard to the current situation in the business, the manager will be able to nurture good working relationship between the supervisors and the peers by creating a platform where open communication can thrive in the workplace. Eventually, it will help in enhancing performance and productivity of the organization which will eventually translate to increased revenue for the organization.

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In order to forge a good working relationship in the workplace, it is imperative to act in a respectful approach. In other words, a business manager must portray respect to co-workers by listening to their opinions and responding to them in a professional manner. In addition, a manager has to respect himself/herself by controlling his/her emotions and apply the most appropriate judgment especially when working on conflict resolution with fellow workers (Ashkanasy, Zerbe & Hartel, 2002). For instance, when there is a conflict between workers or teams, a manager must listen to the arguments raised by both sides and then make impartial decisions.


Another important leadership skill that can help in promoting a good working relationship is trust. It is imperative because workers in the organization can only share vital information with a manager if they trust him/her. Therefore, a manager must understand that co-workers can only share personal or professional information if they are sure that such information will only remain with the manager and not shared with others especially information that might be sensitive (Ryan & Oestreich, 1998). The effectiveness of a manager can be destroyed in case people within the organization believe that the information they provide in confidence is shared with others. In addition, the manager must ensure that employees trust that the information they provided to him/her will never be used against them. It is important because if co-workers do not trust the manager, his/her effectiveness and credibility can be compromised.

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Understanding Co-Workers and Their Needs

A manager can ensure an effective relationship in the workplace by trying to understand co-workers and their needs. Promoting close relations with co-workers help a manager improve support system and work relations in the workplace. It is important for a manager to know co-workers on a personal level, and this can be possible by participating volunteer programs in the organizations, sharing personal interests when having lunch, as well as looking for more opportunities to spend time with fellow workers outside office (Ryan & Oestreich, 1998). It helps a manager know his/her co-workers better and understand their needs, likes and dislikes, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, such action can make employees trust a manager and be willing to share their views and grievances to him/her without fear of being discriminated.

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Deliver Commitments

This is another key leadership skill that helps in enhancing effective relationship in the workplace. In order to forge good relationship with superiors and peers, a manager must be aware of his/her main deliverables. A manager must also ensure that his/her team is working towards the accomplishment of such deliverables as promised (Ryan & Oestreich, 1998). In other words, a manager must ensure that all things he/she promised to accomplish are fulfilled. For instance, if a manager promised improved working condition or attractive remuneration packages, he/she must ensure that such promises are implemented. It will not only enhance the relationship in the workplace, but it will also boost the morale of workers, and this will eventually promote the performance and productivity of the organization.

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Appreciate Others

Another leadership technique that can help in promoting good relationship in the workplace is appreciating the effort of other people. Therefore, a manager must ensure that the effort of his/her co-workers is appreciated and sometimes rewarded in order to motivate them. A manager must always appreciate all people within the organization starting from the senior staff to junior staff even cleaners. It is because all people play a critical role towards the success of the organization. Therefore, they need to feel appreciated in order to deliver their duties adequately (Ashkanasy, Zerbe & Hartel, 2002). A manager either appreciates co-workers by just complimenting them when they do something commendable. In addition, a manager can formulate policies aimed at rewarding those who perform the best as a way of appreciating their contribution. It can be done by the use of both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to motivate them. It will play a major role in fostering effective relationship in the workplace because employees feel valued.

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