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My Team Leader

The name of my team leader is Fahad. He played an instrumental role in leading us successfully through our group project that was vital for our course. Admittedly, Fahad has been a great leader to us through the entire project. In this essay, I would specifically highlight some of the most significant personal traits that he has exhibited as our leader.

Fahad has been able to show exceptional leadership skills admired by all of us. One of the key personal traits that he exhibited was intelligence. He has the ability to communicate with everyone in the clearest manner possible and make constructive decisions for the team. His reasoning capabilities are excellent, and they help our group to remain the best. He takes time to think over different matters before taking a final stance. The high level of intelligence he possesses has helped our group to make informed decisions that are relevant to the course.

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Additionally, Fahad is a highly sociable leader. He believes in the spirit of interaction among all members of our team. He gets along with everyone in the best manner possible. This has been a positive aspect for our team, because it has enabled us to grow together. Fahad’s interaction with every member of the team has been vital in preventing the occurrence of major conflicts that could have hampered our performance. The high sociability makes him an excellent team player, because he treats every member of the team equally.

He helped us score excellently in our team project due to his effective emotional intelligence. Fahad understands other people in different circumstances. He deals with the situations as they arise within the team. He is able to empathize with every one of us in cases of problems hence enabling us to remain strong in the pursuit of a superb result. As part of his emotional intelligence, he could motivate all team members during our research on the project. The high level of motivation inspired each team member to put in extra effort in the project hence leading to getting the best grade. I do not know where we would be without Fahad’s consistent motivation. He ensured that everyone was fully involved in the project hence boosting our ability to perform in the best manner possible.

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I must also emphasize that Fahad is a person with a high level of integrity; he is determined and possesses superb technical skills that played a helping role in the success of our group. He is a trustable person who believes in genuine deals. This explains why we were able to come up with original work in our project. His determination was also instrumental in getting the team project done within the best time. We did not waste time when he was around. He ensured the work was done perfectly before submission. He could apply his best competencies to the success of our project. Overall, Fahad is an outstanding leader whose leadership skills are admired by everyone.


Transformational leadership has numerous positive characteristics. One of the key positive features of transformational leadership is that it has attracted massive attention from researchers in the current world. Additionally, the transformational approach also involves a strong intuitive appeal that does not necessarily call for conscious reasoning among people. It recognizes the significant role of the followers in the course of leadership hence facilitating their growth unlike the traditional transactional model that only recognizes the position of the leader in the leadership process. More so, the transformational approach to leadership appreciates the importance of morals and values in the leadership process hence making the whole process more appealing within the organization. All these come about as the approach does not have theoretical clarity.

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Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) that has been challenged by some conducted studies guides the transformational approach to leadership. Notably, MLQ establishes a clear framework, which portrays transformational leadership as an approach that accommodates a trait-like quality. However, it is at times perceived as selective and dictatorial in its approach to the entire subject of leadership. It is also weakened by the “heroic leadership” prejudice that it exhibits in the leadership process. It is believed that leaders within the organization could easily manipulate it for the promotion of their interests while overlooking the position of the followers in the organization.

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The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) could be efficiently applied in the assessment of transformational leadership. It is made easier because of its efficiency in the determination of the behavior of the leader in several aspects including inspirational motivation, idealized influence (charisma), individualized consideration, management by exception, intellectual simulation, contingent reward, and laissez faire leadership approach.

Transformational leaders around the globe are deemed to be focused on active change and role modelling for their followers. Again, they have the ability to come up with a clear vision that would promote the success of the organization and empower their followers to work toward achieving the set goals and objectives in the organization. Transformational leaders also have the capacity to act in ways that attract trust from others hence breathing a new sense of life in their organization.

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