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Intervention, Direct Service Delivery & Case Management

In the community, there are a lot of people who require special attention. These groups require special people known as case managers. A case manager is a person who monitors coordinates and implements health’s needs of special people. A client’s health is met through assessment, coordination, communication and education. Facilitating this process of attaining the perfect health of the client by the case manager is through linking this person with appropriate service provider. Case manager ensures the client’s health provision is safe, equitable and effective. Services provided are attained by ensuring some of professional skills such as confidentiality, client’s privacy, legal credibility, regulatory guidelines (Rapp, 1998).

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According to the case study, case managers have different roles to undertake to the community. Some of the roles are provision a lot of help to the people with special needs. Although the case managers don not have much time with the clients, implementing their services into practice improves the relationship of client and case managers. The fewer number of clients, the more services will be effective (Rapp, 1998). Another role of case manager is being the primary resource partners in social areas such as art clubs, recreational areas and teachers. Some of these areas are perfect to interact with their clients freely and work as part of the community. History shows that case managers who work with the community enhance quick recovery of the clients due to community intervention.

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Moreover, case managers have the responsibility of the clients well being. In this case, working with the client often improves the health gradually. It the emphasis, most of the mentally ill people becomes seriously affected when they do not interact or receive services of a case manager. Family members take the roles of a case manager, but they do not have the required skills to improve the health of the clients. Case manager should have the role character of paraprofessionals with enough experience to handle a case of mental illness. Credibility of the case managers determines the period of time clients will take to recover.

Consequently, role of case manager is determined by the load size. A big load makes it hard to give enough attention to the clients. Some of remote areas have a quite busy case manager or even none making the client hard to recover to the mental illness (Rapp, 1998). The level of illness determines the amount of time the case manager will spend with the clients. Extensive study of client gives the care manager a platform of his services delivery. The role of case manager should give him enough time to explore all the clients extensively hence his work should be time –unlimited. A case manager is needed to know his clients well and be familiar with the environment surrounding the client to guide him and provide required service.

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Approaching a solution of a problem is by identifying the causes of the problem. Theoretical cause is assumption to receive the solution of a certain problem. For instance in biology a genetic behavior or illness medication is sought and provide a cure (Wood, 2009). To attain the desired results the origin of the problem is first identified. Diagnosis starts immediately using the causes as the root provider to the solutions. In conducting the solution to the problem behaviors especially in grown kids, two things should be looked into: effects of the action and other better ways to help the client if that method fails to effect. Mental ill people are sensitive and think differently from the rest of the community, so the care managers use the right method in each case presented to them (Wood, 2009). People are of different races, religions and dominions, therefore, the care managers have to be familiar with the type of client they work with. The results of the diagnosis depend significantly on the feelings of the clients towards the treatments receiving from the care manager deployed for them. Some behaviors are developed depending on the livelihood of the clients (Rapp, 1998).

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In this study, special population - the group of disadvantaged people such as minors, people with certain disabilities and old people, is considered. This group of people requires special attention for they have emotional differences from the rest of the community. People with special needs are supported by the community by helping them to use their personal skills and talents in order to achieve the goals. Special groups of people encounter challenges that are sometime complex to receive what the rest of community easily acquire. Meanwhile week sources of income makes their life harder like lack of basic necessity that is food, shelter, clothing and education. NGO and governments provide programs to take care of this group that is alarmingly increasing (Wood, 2009).

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In the recent enquiry it is noted that most care managers concentrate on the elderly group of people. However, the young adults and children with disabilities need the attention of care managers either. Some of the work of care managers of the special population is to deal with physical injuries, disabilities, chronic illness and mental retardation (Taylor, 1988). A comprehensive enquiry is conducted to the client and family at large to lay a plan of services to be provided. Most parents worry about their children with disabilities. A care manager helps the child and advices the ways to handle the kid as part of the family. A collaborative relationship is developed between the kid and the care manager before any crisis occurs. Care manager provides a strategic plan in case of a crisis and ensures transition of relationship of care manager and kid when the parents cannot provide that caring service (Wood, 2009).

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In a typical situation elderly people get emotional in different issues. A care manager is deployed to contain the situation and help them get through the issue. Some of the care managers act as advocates for they are familiar with the situation the elderly and the children. They help families receive perfect advocacy in hospitals and homes (Rapp, 1998). Elderly prefer employing the professional care managers to provide advocacy services when undertaking the medical procedures.

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