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Project Two: Interview Project

Interview with a Person in My Field of Study

The person that was interviewed is the marketing manager at The Arc of San Diego organization. Her name is Lauren Zamora. The interview concerns the practice of marketing in the real world and offers the students who are doing the course the understanding of the application of marketing. In addition to this, it will also provide the explanation of the disparity that exists between the marketing managers who are theorists (the ones who are studying) and the real practical use of the marketing principles. Apart from that, it will also act as a motivation to persons who want to continue their career in this direction. It is due to the fact that the interview will at least offer the paths that can be followed by an individual, particularly the one studying to become as successful as our interviewee. The interview was conducted over the phone, and the important aspects were written down. The reason phone interview was chosen is because it cuts down on the time spent going to the location of the interviewee or travelling to the arranged place of the meeting. In addition to this, phone interview was appropriate because the manager is very busy, and getting to her would have taken much time.

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According to Lauren Zamora, she enjoys doing marketing since it is what she has been dreaming to do since she was in high school. This could be particularly noticed from the fact that she had a passion of coming up with messages that were captivating to people. She also enjoyed convincing people to do something that she wanted. In addition to this, it is her convincing power that stimulated her needs to become a marketer as soon as she became aware of this quality. According to her, “Marketing is the process of creating a need in the customers towards a product that the company is producing so as to make them purchase the product”. Zamora argues that marketing is an essential concept in the society because it makes consumers pay attention to some of the goods that they would not have noticed if it had not been for marketing.

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What she likes the most about the career is making people discover and use products that are essential in their lives. She further claims that the satisfaction she gets from a job is not the money alone. According to her, the real pleasure is to come up with a marketing technique that works very well and helps the product to be recognized quickly in the market. This is what makes her feel happy about her job.

When she held the position of a manager of the marketing department, her job involved coming up with strategies that would enable the product to get recognition in the market and to prolong its life in the market through some of the promotion concepts. Her activities involved formulating various marketing techniques and looking for channels that were appropriate in the promotion of a specific item. However, she points out that there are other marketers who are not managers, for instance, public agents who are supposed to visit various places with the intention of promoting their products. According to her, this level of marketing is sometimes stressful, particularly when people are not paying attention to the products being advertised. She started at this position after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Having spent two years occupying this post, she advanced her knowledge and attained a master’s degree in the field. This enabled her to get promoted to the position of the marketing manager.

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According to her, what she looks for while hiring people for this position is how well they are able to articulate the issues or ideas. She claims that it is important because the job involves a lot of communication both at the managerial level and the subordinate one. Apart from the communication skills, the interpersonal skills are also looked at. It refers to how well an individual can interact with the others even if he or she has never had an encounter with them before. The level of the personal confidence and creativity is also essential because the job involves coming up with new ideas and strategies to enable the product to be competitive in the market. The career is primarily good for sociable and outgoing individuals because the position includes visiting a lot of seminars, meeting new people and making new friends. The latter are essential in the exchange of ideas and information in general.

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Lauren also noted that the position involves a lot of writing especially when it comes to the formulation of strategies and sending recommendations to different departments. The type of writing that is mostly done by her is mail. In addition to this, she is also supposed to prepare reports on the performance of her department. Their audience includes the internal staff as well as the external individuals who are concerned with the progress and performance of the organization.

As for the students, the tip from Laura is that they need to enjoy the course because it is a good one particularly for those who are already working. It reveals them the variety of ideas in the world, and it makes one to visit new places and meet new people. What is also important is that the job is rewarding. According to the woman, “Marketing is among the professionals that have no discrepancy between what people are taught in class and what is being practiced in the real world”. Due to this, she is advising the students to be keen on what is being taught in the classroom for it is needed in a career. Laura also recommends the students to take enhancement courses such as product branding because they can improve their skills in the marketing field especially if they occupy the managerial position. She also confirms that marketing will always have working places for those who love their profession. This can be deduced from the fact that every organization whether it deals with service or goods needs a marketer.

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