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Project BUILD vs. Operation New Hope

It is important and necessary to offer inmates, offenders and law breakers another chance to make a new start of their lives. Offenders are also human beings who have potential energy and minds that can be turned into productive work if they are well utilized. The need to change perceptions of offenders and their view of life is an essential program that requires good coordination to make sure that by the time one gets out of detention, he or she has something to do to earn a living. There are two programs that are applied to help people in detention to have a changed life after their term is over in jail or detention. This paper describes each of the two programs, compares, contrasts and looks at the goals, success and failures of project BUILD and operation of New Hope programs.

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Project BUILD

Project BUILD is a curriculum that was created to educate youths in detention for change or development of their behaviors. The project was started at around 1993 and was introduced in Juvenile Cook and Temporary Detention Unit in Chicago. The project BUILD was meant to change the lives of young people in community change detention units or centers and introduce them into a manageable life (Deborah, & Keith, 2011). The project BUILD curriculum helps to add value to the life of youths, who were desperate and given up and empowers them to become dependent on their own skills, knowledge and experience.

The project BUILD targets the youth that has been involved with minor and major violations of law in the community and has faced the juvenile justice or legal structure. The project BUILD helps to watch the lives of the youths involved with drug abuse, gang operations and criminal activities. Target group is young females and males detained in Cook County School, juvenile who have committed unlawful acts. The project is committed to changing the ideology of gangs, away from drugs and crimes to survive for the youths who do not have education and good employment. The project BUILD has civilized and educated tutors who take time to understand the detainees and analyze their skills, potential and understanding. The teachers take the youths through different programs and sessions that help to equip them with best skills and experience to give them a job and an opportunity to compete in the world outside (Robin, & Kay, 1999).

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Goals, achievements and failures of the project BUILD

The main goal of the project BUILD is to change behavior of the youths and help them acquire and gain skills to get jobs outside and maintain good leadership in their enterprise. The project is dedicated to improving and equipping the youths with communication skills to increase their competence and bargaining power in the world outside. The teachers also upraise the esteem of the youths by understanding the factors that influence young people to do negative and positive deeds. The youths are trained to solve technical and other problems that arise in their line of duty. They get knowledge or information to handle crime and drug-related decisions. Each of the young people is guided according to his or her life experience and teachers focus on the teaching the youths how to control their anger and make wise and sound decisions.

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The youths are directed on how to set and accomplish goals to enable them focus on the life with a positive approach. The project BUILD then educates and trains the youths in different construction skills that are required by employers outside the community. The youths get empowered and eventually get out of detentions with jobs or essential skills that contribute to the behavior change and engagement in a positive work. The project BUILD has been able to achieve its goals of empowering and changing the youths to avoid drug abuse, criminal and gang life. Young women are educated on disadvantages of domestic violence and they have been trained to depend on themselves as a way to end their mistreatments, including rape and other gender violence. There is no any noted failure of the project BUILD, although the project concentrates on skills and forgets to address the behavior change, which is a key factor to the change of offenders’ life.

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The Operation New Hope Program

The program is the aftercare treatment solution to juvenile offenders that are in detention to help them get back into community and fit in it as changed people. The program is concerned on guiding individuals on the life change series that are meant to prepare offenders to face life in a positive manner and interact or communicate with members of the community. It is believed that many offenders fear to get back into community because of the crime or misconduct that they were associated with in the social life. Therefore, the Operation New Hope helps to change the youths’ perception by taking them through counseling sessions (Mark, David, & Lynn, 2000). The sessions are well planned to address lifestyles and life skills that aim to change the conduct of young people once they are through with their detention.

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Goals, achievements and failures of Operation New Hope

The program has a number of goals that are aimed to change behaviors of individuals once they get back to the community. The Operation New Hope aims to reduce and end crime related cases in the minds of offenders. The offenders are advised on the importance of forgetting the criminal life and taking another direction of life (Josi, & Sechrest, 1999). There is also a procedure to help in eradicating behaviors of depending on the abuse of drugs as a way to solves problems since it solve problem only temporally. The youths or detainees are guided on how to get back into society and interact or into community and fit in it as good members of the community and start new life with positive decisions.

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