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On this ……. day of January, 2015 The Black Eyed Peas (the party of the first part) in consideration of $1.00 and other valued consideration agrees to perform a benefit concert on June 1, 2015 on behalf of CCRI (the party of the second part). The concert proceeds will be donated to the CCRI fund to help Distressed College Professors. Both parties hereby agree to the following provisions:

  1. All dressing rooms for the band will be fully stocked with Red Peanut M&M’s for the band’s own personal use.
  2. All dressing rooms will be stocked with 5 cases of Jack Daniel’s and 16 joints.
  3. All dressing rooms will have enough capacity to accommodate 17 guests.
  4. All dressing rooms will have a king-sized bed.

The first party agrees:

  1. The band will perform for one hour.
  2. There will be no abuse/use of alcohol and/or other drugs in the dressing rooms.

The second party agrees:

  1. The band will have a male personal assistant who will be at least 6’ 2’’ tall, good looking, and willing to do anything.

Statute Clause

The parties agree that the provisions and performance of the obligations herein agreed must be in agreement with the statutory provisions and regulations of the entertainment law and any other associated laws of the state of …….. The contract will, therefore, be void and unenforceable only to the extent of inconsistency with the United States’ Constitution and the state law referenced herein.

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Indemnification Clause

The band should leave all valuables, such as phones, money, and computers, with the CCRI officer, issuing them with keys to the dressing rooms, and must collect a deposit slip as evidence that they deposit such valuables thereof. The band should take care of all personal property as the second party will not be liable for any loss of such property.

Liability Clause

Any liability arising from the performance of this contract of the breach thereof will be limited to the maximum consideration as agreed by the parties to the contract or the expenses incurred in the preparation or performance of the contract, whichever is higher. In addition, the money value of the liability arising from any claims related to the contract will be hinged on the maximum provisions of the constitutional dispensation. The liability must, therefore, not exceed the maximum amount or value thereby specified.

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Arbitration Clause

Any claims or conflicts relating to or emanating from the contract or the breach of the contract must be referred to an arbitrator. The American Arbitration Association will be responsible for the appointment of the arbitrator, if one, or arbitrators, if three. Awards given should and will be final and also binding to both parties. The claim or complaint will, therefore, not be referred of subjected to any other conflict handling process including but not limited to a court judgment.


The contract must be adopted in its entirety. Acceptance will be express. By physically signing this contract, the parties indicate their willingness and readiness to be bound by the terms and the conditions of the contract, as well as by any warranties and provisions herein outlined. The parties may sign the contract either in person or through proxy. Where an agent is involved, the parties to the contract will be assumed to be fully aware of the provisions of the contract and that they agreed to be bound by the contract.

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