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Crime is the act that counteracts with the laws. Crimes against persons include robbery, murder, rape, and assault. Property crimes include stealing of property without the inflicting of harm to individuals. They include arson, burglary, and larceny. White-collar crimes are related to work. Organized crime is committed by well-grouped people whose aim is to distribute illegal things. Every kind of crime is associated with the social dynamics and population groups. In social responsibility principle, it is believed that people engage in these unlawful acts willingly. Another principle is that of social problems whereby unlawful acts are committed because of reasons which cannot be controlled by the criminal. These reasons include poverty, racial discrimination, and the social class (Andersen & Taylor, 2009). This paper will focus on examples of the types of crime mentioned above.

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Crimes against Persons

Among the personal crimes, there is rape. There are laws that protect individuals from involuntary sexual acts, and defiance of the laws is categorized as rape. Rape is an unlawful act involving violence and sex. There are different types of rape. Marital rape is committed against a wife who is unwilling to have a sexual relation with the husband. Outsider rape is committed by a stranger and is considered the most aggressive since the victims obtain serious injuries. Other types include gang rape, date, and acquaintance rape (Schmalleger, 2012).

Rape is better explained as a social problem because the factors that increase the rape incidences are societal. Poverty is connected to the commission of rape and victimization. Rape is more likely to occur in a slum than in other places because poor men would rather rape a stranger whom they no longer support financially. Other factors include the physical and social surrounding, weak views at rape in terms of laws and policies and other societal norms where females are considered inferior to men, rape is dominant. If there are disasters and lack of facilities wherey there are no secure and private places, there is a high incidence of rape (Andersen & Taylor, 2009).

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Crime against Property

Burglary is a crime committed against property. It is the forceful entering or breaking into people’s houses, mostly for the intention of committing a crime such as stealing. Breaking can be actual or constructive by use of threats or fraud. Burglars can also enter into people’s dwellings physically or by use of tools that remove items (Schmalleger, 2012). For common law burglary, both breaking and entering must occur. Burglary is better explained by social problems. It is influenced by factors such as poverty, inadequate surveillance, low ownership levels, multiple access points to facilities and high traffic in the residential places.

Organized Crimes

These are the kind of unlawful acts committed by well-organized people; mostly they distribute illicit goods and services to other people. One of the crimes studied in this case is illegal drugs. The revenues acquired from distribution of illegal drugs are very complicated to approximate as criminals, in most instances, spend a considerable amount of time trying to conceal what they make. The unlawful act is also a loosely distinct notion. Anything from an enormous drug smuggling ring to handling of illegal drugs can be categorized as organized crime groups, and the unification of organized crime organization all over the world differs greatly (Schmalleger, 2012). These criminals are always out to make money and, at the same time, may cause violence.

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These businesses are created as legal businesses and they appear to be corporate. The structures are complex since they engage senior co-owners who control proceeds, employees who manage and work for the organizations, and the customers who purchase the items provided by the business. For example, drug cartels and the criminals are the wealthiest in the society. This type of crime is best explained with a social responsibility perspective (BarCharts, Inc. 2000). The participants act voluntarily and they are usually driven by their own greed.


Unlawful acts, which are committed of free will, should have worse punishments. Policies should be enforced to reduce the benefits accrued to the commission of the crime and increase the severity of the penalties. Crimes, which are influenced by social problems, can be reduced by initiation of programs aimed at increasing job skills and opportunities for the low-income people and increase their literacy levels.

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