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This research was meant to evaluate the reason why people believe in 12 stars constellation. People have much faith in the stars and astrologists than they have in real scientific findings. A few researches have been done to establish the reason, and the central question in this research was ‘why’ not ‘if.' The choice of the question was meant to bridge the knowledge gap relating to the human faith in the stars, and the research employed both secondary and primary data. Previous research publications were used as the secondary sources while the use of questionnaires formed the primary sources. These questionnaires were administered online to varied groups of people and a large sample size was used to ensure generalization and better results. The research outcomes showed that people have more faith in stars because of the cultural associations, accuracy of the star predictions, low cognitive ability, and human search for a higher power.

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Evaluation of the Research Process

As mentioned in the summary, the study used both primary and secondary research methods. The methods were used together to ensure that the outcomes realized from the research were valid and up to data with the current generation’s way of living. Consequently, previous materials that touched on the relationship between human life and the 12 stars constellation were critically reviewed to establish the reason as to why people believed in these occurrences. The materials indicated many reasons as to why people make decisions to believe in astrologers and stars yet there are many eligible sources that can help in making sense of life. Some of the reasons stated in the research were not applicable for the 21st century’s way of life where religion has transformed, and people have become more knowledgeable through the advancement of technology. Therefore, the researcher chose to conduct online research by the use of questionnaires to verify the viability of the issues stated in the journals. The researcher used different groups of people from different background, ages, religion, and race. The size of the sample was made larger to allow results generalization.

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Both the sources used were reliable, and the information acquired was quite useful in answering the research question and validating the outcomes. For the secondary sources, the papers used were sought from reviewed databases that analyses the effectiveness and validity of articles and another printed material. This ensured that all information used for this research had some support from renowned researchers and people with a better understanding of the topic. For the primary data information, the researcher mostly used different social media in order to reach the sample population conveniently. The researcher maintained a casual conversation with the target group thus allowing them to be open enough to improve the validity of the data. In general, both sources were instrumental in the research outcome production.

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Every research has its own challenges and this one was not an exception. First, people were reluctant to share their knowledge of the 12 stars constellation. This was because the growth of religion especially Christianity around the world has brought a different view of stars constellation among people. Religion prohibits people from associating with stars constellations. As a result, people were reluctant to participate in the research because they wanted to play obedient to their religious practices yet they still believed in stars. It is a human desire to be always perfect even when deep inside the conscious tells us otherwise. To overcome this problem, the researcher improvised the questionnaires to become more of a discussion on social media for a particular group of people. Once people realize that no one is out to judge them, they tend to open up. Therefore, the strategy helped to save the day and acquire the necessary information that aided in making research conclusions. Another challenge was the scarcity of research material on this topic. Researchers believe in evidence-based on some sort of actions and not fairy tale. A few researches on why people believe in stars have been done and this could be because many scientists do not believe in stars. However, the use of both primary and secondary sources helped to cover up any deficit that any of the research methods would have experienced on its own. In addition, from the challenges, it was evident that both religious people and scientists are against the use of stars constellation to make future predictions.

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The use of both research methods as mentioned earlier was quite necessary for research outcome production. This is because both the research methods complimented each other perfectly helping the research to make sense of the situation more perfectly. Life has changed; therefore, on the basis of the reasons as to why people believe in the 12 stars constellation, relying on past research alone would be a big mistake. Therefore, primary data collected helped to put the former research findings in the current world situation. On the other hand, primary data alone could bring many issues in results generalization. This is due to the difficulty in getting a sample large enough to make a world generalization of the results within the period that the research was conducted. Therefore, secondary sources were used to justify the findings. As such, both primary and secondary research methods were relevant for this research.

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Evaluation of Outcome

The outcome of the research was the answer to the research question, which was the reason as to why people believe in the 12 stars constellation. The research findings indicated it is true that many people tend to think and believe in the star constellations. Among the major reasons for these believing in the stars being that individuals have at least one association with the stars in a year, the search for a higher power, the accuracy of the stars in predictions, low cognitive ability, as well as the traditions.

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