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In a competitive world full of conniving personalities who are out to make a name for them, humanity has never been facing such discrepancies as now. This situation appeared at the expense of individuals specifically those suffering from low-self esteem or self-pity. This paper, therefore, seeks to discuss two books which present common topics touching on the human sexuality and other related facets.

As compare to male sexuality, woman sexuality is the issue closely related to the teenage groups who cannot take as granted their gifts, characteristics, and uniqueness. In that regard, teenage girls tend to find it difficult to accept it when other people think they are good in certain ways. Without a doubt, the journey to self-realization begins by loving oneself regardless of the body size, giving notice to your abilities, and allowing oneself to make mistakes (Ford, 2000).

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“Real Girl Real World: A Guide to Finding Your True Self” by Heather Gray and Samantha Philips explores the mixed messages teenage girls receive from the numerous media platforms like our TV screens, lifestyle newspapers, glossy magazines, fashion shows just to mention but a few. They highlight a pact of high-voltage fashion and modeling related subjects to whet girls’ appetites and change their mindset regarding the modern world they live in.

House of Style, Man Hunt, Tyra Bank’s America Next Top Model, beauty contests, and pageants like the Miss America and Miss World take central stage as the most spirited fashion and modeling shows provoking the modern male and woman to be feisty, fierce, and confident. Technically, the aim here is to make teenagers think how they should look like; there is no enormous shock when they encounter situations in which they are evaluated (Entwistle, 2012).

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This savvy, clear-cut ‘Bible’ seeks to present a sober and almost grey viewpoint that can be used by young women in reference to finding their true identity and what they ought to be. Other key components mentioned here include: ethnicity, dietary issues, sound sustenance, sexual life frameworks, and safe sex in a world filled with different world view points. The importance of shedding light on the above-mentioned features cannot be overemphasized chiefly, because the teen girls are well aware of what beauty entails but are more than often thrown into psychological disarrays as a result of societal pressures and expectations leading to a repressed personality (Phillips, 2005).

That being the case, the topics presented here may appear cliché to some people although we must remember that the world around us is changing thusly making all of us busier with work or school which, in turn, robes us of our precious time with our parents or guardians. For that reason, the modern teenage girls are almost left to seek for answers on their own about their sexuality and such issues as pregnancy, image, and sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs/STIs) such as HIV. With this book, they can find solace and counsel, therefore being better equipped for these inevitable life hurdles.

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Not too far from the theme is a book by William Pollack “Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood”. Like the above-mentioned book, it delves into personal homogenous issues of young men who suffer from inner struggles even though they look lively and confident. Simply put, young men face almost the same problems as their female counterparts; in that regard, they also need support from family, parents, and other available support systems to cope with manly shortcomings

When a young boy reaches the stage of adolescent, many bodily changes take place in his organism; for example, voice breaking or shoulders broadening among many other things which then set up the individual as mature and ready to take the worldly challenges. What they then meet out there is an unfriendly, requesting, and alarming environment that is very demanding.

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In this book, Pollack calls teenagers to perceive the subject based on the qualities of their parents further advising the latter to be in constant communication with the former regarding their social life. That way, issues to do with suicide, crime, anger, and other related things can be addressed at an early stage consequently facilitating the efforts of instructors, social specialists, youth pioneers, and advisors.

As we know, young men are susceptible to more or less uniform masculine close downs and consistent disgrace as a result of their reserved and withdrawn nature, which explains why most of these individuals end up discouraged, rough, or substance-dependent. In his quest to end this deep-rooted typecast, the author shifts our thoughts from the commonly held ideology of an emotionless man always ready to tackle whatever is on his way, which is not true. On the off chance that you are a man, a mother, sister and so on, here is what you need to discern about men; much as they are ‘frozen’ and mettle, they can also be broken and flaccid (Pollack, 2006).

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In conclusion, the confusing debate presented herein will not end anytime soon. As a result, we can only appreciate the truth presented by the authors and literally go through every text as we endeavor to tackle the social-mental faces within ourselves if not for others. These two volumes are obviously recommended for parents, young men, and women.

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