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After watching the video, I felt a lot of discomfort. I do not support this man's decision and the company's ability to perform these actions. It was a humiliating thing for his wife and family. The situation when a family member had a terminal illness and decided to go this route would grieve me a lot.

The government should not have a right to exercise capital punishment since the practice lessens the individuality of the victims. It is hard to get a fault-free scheme of fairness; hence, a mistake made in a death sentence case may affect a guiltless individual. Since 1993, DNA proof has released about 17 death-sentenced prisoners according to a research by the innocence scheme. Death sentence cases have shown to be very costly. Because of their effectiveness, nations face huge financial losses. The abolishion of capital punishment in the United States would make life imprisonment a solution for lousy criminals. This is because even these horrific criminals have a right to live. Life imprisonment would give them a chance to transform from their bad attitudes.

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Individuals alleged with drug crimes and DUIs should not be held together with the most dangerous criminals. Instead, there should be some special drug courts. The drug criminals and individuals accused of driving under influence (DUI) are held together because they are given similar penalties. In a first offense case where a DUI hits a person while driving drunk, the offender should suffer the following punishment. Firstly, permit revocation for a year, contribution in an alcohol program, and payment of compensation to a victim in an amount ranging from $350 to $1500.

In the United States, same sex marriage should not be legalized as it creates many forms of promiscuous behavior among the citizens. The separation of the church and the state has played a great role in the legalization of gay marriages. Homosexuals should not be allowed to enter the armed forces or perform leading roles in the same sex positions.

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Many people are against the idea of same sex marriage since it was initially ordained that people of the opposite sex should marry. The state is responsible for making the final decision on legalization of gay marriage. This is because all laws governing a country are made by the state.

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