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Comedies are a major part of the contemporary cinema and have strong influence on the society. Comedy works have managed to survive the 20th century and stepped into the 21st century. Their popularity rose and they developed due to the demand of entertainment during public festivals and other ceremonies. Most of the comedy themes cover sex, buffoonery, gluttony, and the infidelity behaviors among others (Brown 18). More comedy films begin linking male characters in a single movie and unlike the female-male relationship, they create a dynamic relationship based on differing backgrounds and personalities, or both (Simpson 24). In this paper I will analyze two popular comedy films that have similar subject elements, i.e. Love You Man and Pineapples Express.

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Love You Man comedy

This movie is about the male friendship of two characters: Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd has a lovely girlfriend, but he does not have friends. He starts looking for a mate and so schedules, meets many men but in vain. Then Peter meets Jason Segel, and they feel well in their friendship. Their relations are however grounded on masturbation and love for rock music. Segel is a cool young man in his nature, but Rudd is an awkward one. The chemistry between the two becomes strong and among other things they do not mind hugs. Paul Rudd is always "Clueless". He attracts fans who love him.. Unlike many other genres of movies, I this comedy each character is entertaining.

The film shows how men have been transformed by girl-power culture. Peter has no issue befriending women, but with men first he must build an imagination of how to behave in one. He does it by jamming with Sydney to music by Rush (whom they believe to be the best band of all times to talk about masculine delusions). I Love You Man is the basis of all things experienced in friendship. It recognizes freedom as a pillar of our civilization. The movie is a great piece to watch for both men and women.

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For parents, this comedy of Jason Segel and Paul Rudd is loaded with a strong language. Explicit discussions about sex and heavy drinking and shameless bathroom humor is not right. On the other hand, the film portrayes interactions between men and married individuals in a more realistic manner than in many other movies. The movie focuses on the need for reverence and communication.

Pineapples Express comedy

The film features Seth Rogen and James Franco where Seth witnesses his boss (a drug baron) killing a drug-traffick rival. Seth, who smokes marijuana, referred to as the pineapple express in the movie, is the only witness of that murder. Therefore, he is chased for murder by a rogue police officer and the drug tycoon. He flees dragging the equally bhang addict friend Franco as well as his supplier Danny McBride. The humorous moments begin after major characters divide at some point after a disagreement and reunite only after they are jailed together with an hostile drug gang. They then flee in an action packed scene where the drug baron and the rogue police officer die together with other members of the two rival gangs. The three characters survive and become good friends. Seth’s girlfriend Angie is largely on the background and is rarely involved in the action and humor. Together with her family, she hides after Seth’s warning that the gang will come for them at Angie’s home. At the end, Seth breaks up with Angie, but stays friends with his two buddies.

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Analysis of both movies shows that they are based on male friendship. Especially The Pineapples Express is an action packed comedy based on male comradeship where women are largely on the background. Both movies involve friendship of the characters. Initially, the characters will not understand each other because of differing racial, social, and ethnic backgrounds, but as the movies progress, the characters build a strong bond. This becomes apparent while going through men’s challenges together. The female counterparts play background roles, while men express their feelings to each other what is not usual in other genres. In this films, men rarely have sexual encounters with women. And when they do, it is not emphasized unlike in other genres. In fact, sexual activity is an impediment to male activity in such movies.

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Unlike other movies, sexual encounters are witnessed, and women are not the main humor sources in the comedy movies. They do not objectify the women per se, but the genre occasionally draws humor from sexual encounters. The movies largely maintain the comradeship between the men and the women are only secondary characters. Pineapple Express comedy has all the elements one would expect from the genre. The male bonding and immature sexual wishes, formidable drug abuse with fighting scenes and gunfire explosions make it a quality piece even considering the poor treatment to it. In the end, it remains a druggie comedy that makes one laugh.

In conclusion, there are several forms of expression in a person and the most common form is laughter. The sound of laughter helps one to relieve stress and feel better. Comedies help individuals to look at things in a new light and become optimistic about life and contemporary times. There are more comedy movies in this genre. They include the African-American Bad Boys films, the Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, and Knocked Up just to mention a few.

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