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Esther Character Assessment

1. Esther is a Biblical character and the main heroine of The Book of Esther, which describes the dramatic events of her life. Esther’s original name in Hebrew was Hadassah, which means a myrtle tree.

2. According to the Scripture, Esther was an orphan; and she does not tell the names of her parents or who they were. In fact, it is known that she lived with her cousin Mordecai., Esther was his uncle’s daughter. As Mordecai was older than Esther, he raised her as his own daughter.

3. When speaking of good character traits, it should be mentioned that Esther was calm, obedient, but courageous at the same time, able to sacrifice her own good for the sake of other’s benefit.

4. Bad character traits are not mentioned directly in the Bible, as she is described as nearly a perfect woman.

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5. Esther’s relationship with God is not described directly. However, she is presented as a faithful and devoted believer, who spends considerable amount of time praying sincerely. She was fasting for three days before her husband’s feast, when the fate of her nation has to be decided. Thus, such act of devotion shows that she genuinely relies on God’s assistance on her cause.

6. Her cousin Mordecai and her husband Ahasuerus were her two major companions and most meaningful people in her life. The conflict between the two men, which was provoked by Haman wanting to destroy the Jews, was the main concern for Esther to resolve.

7. Esther’s influence on her husband, who is a king, is remarkable. Even though she does not affect him directly, she gives advice in a wise feminine way by showing her devotion, respect and obedience.

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8. The mistakes are mentioned in the Scripture, as Esther is presented as a pious woman.

9. The cases of Esther repenting are not stated in the Bible; yet her prayer and fasting demonstrate that Esther recognizes her imperfection as a human and shows her obedience to the will of God.

10. Esther demonstrates her desire to live for the sake of God through her devotion in several fields: as a believer, as a wife, as a relative, and as a daughter of her nation. The woman lives and acts with love to other people, thus implementing God’s will.

11. As for Esther’s family life, conclusion should be made that she was quite successful in fulfilling the duties of a wife and a relative. In fact, her husband seems to be a complicated person because he is presented as an authoritative and hot-tempered king. The supporting argument to the king’s character is that he rejected his first wife. In addition, there was a case where Ahasuerus nearly put Esther’s cousin to death. Therefore, it is clear that her humble personality and wise mind contributed to the marital success because she could influence her husband mildly and evoke his respect.

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12. The Scripture does not present any information about Esther’s children. The lesson that can be drawn from Esther’s story is manifold. First of all, she is a perfect example of faith, as her devotion to God makes her surrender to His will. Even under the most complicated circumstances, Esther remains calm and humble, because she believes that God will arrange matters in the best way for her. Secondly, her courage is fascinating. When Mordecai was sentenced to death, she was strong enough to support him openly. In such a complicated and dangerous situation Esther appears at the king’s banquet without invitation, thus taking a risk of becoming a target for his rage. Thirdly, she lives in the foreign land and respects its tradition though she remains a devoted daughter of her motherland. Therefore, the message delivered through Esther’s life story is that it is important to remember one’s roots because they are a crucial part of a personality. Finally, Esther’s wisdom is impressive, when it comes to action. Even though she might feel despair when hearing the bad news about her cousin’s execution, she analyzes the situation, plans her actions and behaves wisely in order to achieve the desired result.

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