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Creative Thinking

Strategies for Applying Creativity to Problems and Issues

As a newspaper columnist writing about the topic of political assassination in Egypt, I would prefer to use the novel approach to promote creativity to issues and problems. First, I would encourage my readers to research more on this article. I would urge my readers to do their own research on political assassinations in Egypt. I would advise them to find any relevant fact about political assassination in Egypt. I would also confirm that I have the unfortunate and good aspects of this article. To ensure that readers are in a position to discover all the relevant facts about the article, I will provide them with links of articles that critically evaluate the current article under discussion. In my column, I can also attach any material that pertains to similar problems or concerns being tackled by the article. Through this, my readers will have all their doubts clarified or justified. Using my knowledge and researched information, I would also strive to advance on what the writer has written. If there is any deficiency in the information presented, I will supplement this by giving the most current information about political assassination in Egypt.

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Additionally, I can ask the readers to leave their comments after reading my article. This will help in incorporating the reader’s viewpoint on the same matter. This will make my column more appealing to other readers especially when a reader leaves a positive message about my column. In case the reader makes a negative comment, I will clarify any information to the reader’s satisfaction.  I will also as much as possible present my column in a way that makes its sounds likes am actually providing all the information about the issue.

Strategies for Promoting Curiosity

The first strategy that I can use to promote curiosity is to drop any assumptions that readers may be having on this topic. I will make sure that I tackle and clear or clarify all assumptions about the issue of political assassination in Egypt. I will present realities or facts, and use arguments that are not only imaginative, but also straight to the point and clear. Many newspaper columnists have a certain pride that they present to their readers. They present issues in a manner that the reader considers that the columnist is all knowing while as they know little about the matter under discussion. Therefore, I will lose any pride of assuming that I know everything concerning political assassination in Egypt. I will willingly admit to my readers that there are issues about political assassination in Egypt that I do not know. After admitting I do not know everything, I will admit to others that everything presented is my opinion and thus they permitted to give their own opinions.

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Enhancing the Effectiveness of Creativity Strategies

There are numerous ways of ensuring the creativity strategies are effective when addressing a political assassination issue in an article. These ways are often referred to as creativity techniques since they are designed to shift the mental state of a person and to foster creativity. One of the popular ways is by taking a break or relaxing after a session of intensive internalization of the political assassination article. Through this, it gives the persons mind the rejuvenated power to reframe the political issues to be addressed. Since creativity is designed to increase the quantity of fresh ideas, this technique of enhancing the effectiveness of creativity strategies is often based on the certainty that a great number of thoughts raise chances of one having a value.

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In order to enhance the effectiveness of creativity strategies, it is essential to use a novel approach and randomly select an idea, and thinking about the similarities of the issue with undesirable situation. This enhances the person creativity since it inspires a person to think of a related idea that leads to a solution. It is also essential to develop creative problem solving techniques with regard to the article. This is because it leads to the development of fresh perspective that causes the solution to an issue to become obvious. Through this, effectiveness of creativity strategies is greatly enhanced. Another way of enhancing the effectiveness in creativity is through identification of independent dimension to the political issue that separates the closely interrelated concepts. This is important because it enables the mind to overcome the instinctive tendency to apply oversimplified associative thinking. This is common especially when the two connected concepts are closely associated in the sense that their differences can essentially be overlooked.

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Methods for Producing Persuasive and Factual Ideas to Eliminate the Bias from the Original Article

In order to ensure that the article produced in the blog is persuasive and factual politically without being bias, I would ensure the reader is encouraged to conduct more research on the political assassination issue in order to get all the facts that pertain. I would also ensure that I provide both good and bad facts about the political assassination article. This will leave the reader with the discretion of selecting the facts to believe in or not. I would also ensure that I provide facts from another article with information relating to the issue of assassination. In order to ensure that the article is persuasive, I would provide open-ended questions that provoke the reader to be insightful. In addition, it would essential to ask the reader to add a comment to the article. This will be an essential opportunity to incorporate the reader’s insight thus making it possible to appeal to them even more.

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