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Miami Seaquarium

The Miami Seaquarium is an oceanarium that covers the 38-acre area and is located on the Virginia Key island in Biscayne Bay (the USA, Florida). It is just ten minutes from the Port of Miami and downtown Miami (“Miami Seaquarium Coupon”). It has been a Miami must-see as the area is a mix of attractions, shows, exhibits, shopping and food that have made it.

This largest marine-life attraction was founded by Captain W.B. Gray and Fred D. Coppock and opened in 1955. From 1963 till 1967 it was the place of filming two movies and numerous TV shows. This tropical paradise is the oldest oceanarium in the United States. It would be interesting for future visitors to know that the park offers hosts overnight camps, group programs and events for boy scouts. The facility is visited by more than 500,000 people every year. The park strikes with a variety of animals it hosts. Over 225 employees care about the animals and do their best to attract visitors. It is one of the largest contributors to the revenue of Miami-Dade County.

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When one visits the park, it becomes evident that marine mammals peacefully coexist with sharks, sea turtles, fish, manatees, reptiles and birds. It seems that dolphins walk on water, and huge killer whales easily fly through the air. Visitors are also delighted by sea lions, endangered manatees and sea turtles which feel themselves safe in this paradise. Suggesting eight marine animal shows and splendid presentations, a marine-life entertainment park is considered to be a place of fun, education and inspiration. The park united various types of unique aquatic life from all over the globe. There are also shows with seals playing tunes on the horns, jumping through rings and playing balls with their noses. The Miami Seaquarium’s dolphins are known for performing impressive stunts and tricks. Not everyone knows that a fun-filled shallow water program provides an unforgettable experience with a dolphin (“Miami Seaquarium”). You may also view huge sharks at their feeding time, pet the Cow-nose and Southern stingrays as well as visit the Stingray Touch Pool.

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Young visitors will definitely enjoy a home school class that is appropriate for children of any age group. This home school provides very interesting discussion topics on endangered animals, South Florida habitats, conservation and others. In addition, home school classes include animal interactions, labs, dissections as well as crafts reflective of the course topic. Educational nature of the proposed programs makes the Seaquarium popular among children and their parents (Samuels). Children may be enrolled in an educative winter and summer camps which will provide a life time experience. A spring break camp provides an opportunity to interact with animals, do arts and crafts, play games and see marine mammal shows. Each camper gets a photo and T-shirt.

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The park guests are always thrilled by the impressive acrobatics of high flying bottlenose dolphins and a splendid opportunity to feed the sea lions. One of the oldest original attractions of the Miami Seaquarium is the Shark Channel Presentation with the fearsome animals. Participants of the Dolphin Interaction program enter the water and interact with dolphins. The most interesting part of the program is an experience of riding a dolphin. You may even take part in an underwater walking journey to encounter a 300,000gallon tropical reef. You will be asked to wear a modern dive helmet that allows breathe underwater. The journey lasts 20 minutes and gives you an opportunity to see sting rays, tropical fish and other unique sea creatures. Due to the tropical climate of the region, Miami Seaquarium offers visitors year-round outdoor marine shows. A variety of Seaquarium's presentations is added to the list of appealing attractions.

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Lolita, one of the oldest captive orcas around the globe, is one of the most popular Miami Seaquarium's attractions. She arrived at the Miami Seaquarium in 1970 and joined the park's first orca called Hugo. Currently, Lolita is the park's only orca. It has been attracting a lot of attention. First of all, it is the only orca in the park. Then, she has no mate as Hugo (her former tank-mate) died in 1980. She is more than 40 years old and measures over 20 feet in length. Lolita’s weight reaches 7000 pounds. She was filmed in the documentary “Lolita: Slave to Entertainment” in 2003.

I was really surprised by the fact that you may organize birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, engagements and other events in the park. Guests have an opportunity to make photos with Salty the Sea Lion, Lolita the Killer Whale, TV superstar Flipper and other marine friends (“Miami Seaquarium”). The parks boast a beautiful waterfront garden which serves as a large reception area with the most incredible view of the Miami Skyline from Downtown Miami to Coconut Grove. A raised stage seems to be the perfect place for the day and sunset events. Large corporate events, receptions, private concerts, private parties and picnics may be hold in a large open event area. In case of wedding, the park has specially trained wedding planners who assist with all kinds of services needed. If you decide to spend the whole day in the Seaquarium, concession stands, which are situated throughout the park, will offer sodas, pizza, hot dogs and ice-cream. There is also the Manatee Bay Café providing chips, chicken, fish, salads, hamburgers and various desserts.

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The Seaquarium has a manatee critical care facilities. The Miami Seaquarium has accomplished some historic treatments, including arrival of the first manatee born under human care, monitoring the conception and conducting the first manatee neurological surgery.

Thus, the Miami Seaquarium, together with its educational programs, places of entertainment and celebrating events, shows and conservation efforts underscores the commitments to wildlife consciousness. A variety of animal attractions provides visitors with the opportunity to witness fragility and the allure of the marine fauna. The oceanarium is considered to be one of the best attractions in South Florida. It is the place where you can encounter endangered marine representatives and even contact with them. It is worth knowing that the Miami Seaquarium is a part of the Go Miami Card program as it is one of 35 area museums in Miami. Buying the card, holders may visit any attraction for one flat price (“Miami Seaquarium”).

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There are professional trainers who educate interested people about aquatic habitats, potential dangers, their lifestyles and natural behavior. In spite of the fact, that the park is called “Seaquarium”, it is the home of various birds, mammals and reptiles. The Miami Seaquarium is also famous for its swimming with the dolphins program. The waters which border Miami are widely known for their vast dolphin inhabitation. It is no wonder that the Miami Seaquarium is known for its dolphin shows. There you may also see colorful reef fish of different size and color, crocodiles (6.5-8ft long), palm and coconut trees, rock habitats etc. You may also perform tricks with dolphins. Visiting the oceanarium, is a memorable experience that will never be forgotten as there are not so many places in Miami that can offer so much fun for the whole family.

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