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Think and Grow Rich is a book written in 1937 by an American psychologist, journalist, and writer Napoleon Hill. The book describes thirteen steps that lead to success both in business and other areas. Principles formulated by the author are based on the study of the lives of hundreds of famous Americans – actors, politicians, and businessmen. Napoleon Hill spent 20 years on research and analysis of what makes one wealthy. What is written in the book is the basis and the foundation of building a strong personality. Studying biographies of prominent people, Napoleon Hill brought certain formulation by means of which they were able to succeed. Despite the fact that Think and Grow Rich was written at the beginning of the last century, most of the ideas presented in the book are relevant even these days. Plenty of examples from the life of the outstanding people, many of which are known to modern readers, make the book an excellent tool for motivation.

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In its time, Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich became a bestseller. This author was among the first who published a book about people’s success. Many modern writers of similar genres write their book based on the work of Napoleon Hill. Certainly, this book is an important tool for self-development. It contains an intriguing introduction, exciting start, detailed instructions, and many questions for self-knowledge.

For most people, the key priorities and goals are reduced to material possessions – money. Almost everyone wants to acquire wealth, be a famous and respected person, and achieve the set goals. However, unfortunately, for many people, it is impossible to achieve the planned. It happens because of one but important mistake. People do not know how to start. According to Napoleon Hill, the formula of success consists of 13 steps that a person needs to pass to achieve the top and acknowledgment in any area. Some of these steps are pretty obvious such as planning goals or perseverance in its achievement. They are described in almost any book on motivation. However, some of the chapters seem quite unusual, for example, the one about sexual transmutation. Certain confusion arises from the fact that some of the steps overlap with each other. Napoleon Hill argues that the secret of success is mentioned in the book more than 100 times. Nevertheless, the author never indicates clearly what exactly it is, apparently, for intrigue. The basic idea which can be gleaned from Think and Grow Rich consists in the fact that to make any change in life, a person should start with himself/herself. It is necessary to change the mental attitudes, psychological state, and dispose himself/herself to success. Only then, it is necessary to move to external factors. Consciousness focused on success can find the resources and capabilities to reach the goals. According to my opinion, this book is for every person who wants to achieve success in any sphere. Think and Grow Rich is a book not only for businessmen or a beginner entrepreneur. It is also for a woman who wants to create a happy family, a student who wants to pass all exams, and many others.

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Throughout the book, the author repeats the idea that a thought is material. Napoleon Hill indicates that everything starts with a thought. If a person is possessed with a certain idea, he/she will probably realize it. Besides, if a person has no idea, it will be very difficult. The author of the book claims that self-hypnosis is very helpful. If a person repeats the key things all the time, he/she begins to believe in them; here, faith is the key to success. Besides, the subconscious is immediately set to work in the right direction. Most of all, I was struck by the story of a boy who was deaf. His example vividly shows that faith can be extremely important in life. Napoleon Hill (2012) states that “Faith is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion” (p. 66). All dreams can come true only if people strongly believe in something. From this book, I have learned that success depends on how a person thinks, regards each situation, and what conclusions makes. This book is extremely valuable for me personally as after reading it, I have understood that the level of thinking is very important. A person should really work much to develop the positive thinking as success depends on it.

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In the book, the author has also emphasized the importance of organizational behavior in the organization. On the example of many businessmen, Napoleon Hill singled out classic mistakes in behavior within members of the organization. The author emphasizes on how a successful leader should behave with the subordinates. The correct implementation of corporate and organizational culture can help managers and subordinates get more profit.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is based on a study of hundreds of prominent people. The book describes the steps to be taken to achieve well-being, prosperity, and success. Despite the fact that the book was written in 1937, many of the author’s thoughts are still valid for the present. I recommend reading this book as it helps, encourages, motivates, and interests the reader to move, growth, aspire, and think to become rich in every way. I recommend reading it to every person who thinks about life rather than just goes with the stream, who seeks to be an architect of the future and not a prisoner of the past.

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