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Response Paper

The article “Privacy and Self-disclosure in Multi-agent Systems” proposes self-disclosure decision making mechanism to be used by agents in deciding whether disclosure of personal data attributes with regards to other agents is acceptable or not (Such, 2011). The psychology of human interaction is focused in details by this article. It is perceived to create a cycle of information sharing attached to the building of relationships. At times, parties fail to disclose relevant information thus making concerned parties to limit future disclosures. Self-disclosure is crucial in successful communication where multi-agents are involved, but privacy is jeopardized.

The author in this summary portrays the need for agents who have access to confidential information to adopt agent platforms. This would minimize the revelation of personal details to third party. The author continues to provide a framework for people to access important information without compromising privacy. I agree with the author in this article to a great extent. This is because, disclosure of personal data in communication is important. However, the disclosed information should not be accessible to a third party. Relevant measures should be put in place to safeguard the privacy of personal information. This would eventually facilitate successful communication. If it happens that personal information is available to third parties, agents would refrain from disclosing their personal data and therefore, communication would be hindered. The author presents enough evidence to support the idea of information privacy and the need for self-disclosure in communication.

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