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The Dance of Legislation by Eric Redman

Without a doubt, the issue of juridical procedure remains one of the most controversial in the contemporary sphere of legislation. It covers even the realm of practical medicine and nursing, manifesting its tremendous impact on the presented branches. In this context, the book The Dance of Legislation by Eric Redman serves as a powerful tool of envisaging the current problem. Related to the sphere of governmental policy and law, it appears to be a valuable source for exploration. This paper will analyze the particular features of this creation and elucidate its prominent characteristics in terms of healthcare insurance.

The work under discussion was published in 1973, but it has not lost its topicality even nowadays. The structure of this book embodies a prominent particularity: it consists of 12 chapters, a preface, and an epilogue. Some of the leading experts treat this paper as a novel because it has the distinctive characteristics of such a genre (McDonough, 2014). Indeed, the author uses a creative style; his manner of writing allows to accurately evaluate various issues from different points of view. Moreover, this technique ensures the combination of comedy, grief, despair, and triumph at the same time. Such a vision has already received the positive remarks concerning the method of figuring the major events that have happened in the outlined period.

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In addition, The Dance of Legislation may be envisaged as a classic book that provides a well-developed description of the process of legislation. The author presents his reflections on the political aspect of the social life. He portrays the evolution of the health bill, which has overcome the numerous historical modifications. What is more, Redman lets a reader discover the inner world of the political negotiations and claims that their importance cannot be underestimated under any pretext.

Besides, the author pays much attention to the bureaucratic infighting and the governmental factor. The writer considers that the authoritarian model, which dominates the presidential policy, had significantly influenced the development of medicine in this epoch. A reader has a chance to reveal the congressional controversies that have taken place during the long-lasting process of implementation. In the concept of the established procedure, Redman underlines the drama of democracy. He depicts the various machinations and political obligations that were the essential part of that discourse. Moreover, the international Senate deliberations have also played an important role in the sphere of political regulation.

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In the context of the 1970s, the numerous Committee took place in an attempt to embed the National Health Service Corps bill. However, the procedure was far from coming into power due to the opposition of President Nixon. He vetoed all the initiatives dedicated to such inquiry and assured the system of strict control. Unfortunately, the “socialized medicine” experienced the period of stagnation. That is why the medical programs were not effective at all. For instance, the national minorities who inhabited the ghettos did not receive proper medical treatment.

Despite such governmental usurpation, the health approbations were successfully applied to practice. The activism of liberal politics requires an accurate examination in this case. Due to the Senator Warrant Magnuson’s protection bill, the Affordable Care Act was donated. This structure received the needed financial support, and the process of development had been launched (Redman, 1973, p. 73).

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In conclusion, it is essential to highlight that Eric Redman presents his narration in a manner that faces the expectations of the majority of the readers. As it clarifies the governmental policy and law in the sphere of medical treatment, this book has a real practical value. In the modern world, the understanding of the legislative procedures occupies one of the most pretentious places and appears to augment the level of awareness and acquaintance among the ordinary groups of the population.

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