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Three Es of Safety

Accidents on our roads have been common since creation. How do these circumstances occur? The cause might be human fault as users of roads. Nowadays there is a necessity to focus on some things concerning technical road safety aspects by reviewing the three Es of safety that is a short form for three main facets: Education, Enforcement and Engineering (City of Chilliwack, 2013). There have been injuries and loss lives on road crashes. These clashes happen because of horrible conditions of roads.

Engineering is a safety facet that targets on advancing the present transportation network as well as improvising safety specifically in new transportation network design (Potter, 2010). This is done through recognition and creation of resolutions for the identified road black spots, evaluating road standards and advancing to more safe roads in addition to conducting audits on road safety.

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Education on safety is important as well. Educating people on the best regulations, guiding principle and practices is an extra aspect for safety on roads. Since person can only pursue the law or guidelines if they know it (City of Chilliwack, 2013). Thus, education is made to equip individuals with the knowledge on safety regulations, guiding principle and practices. In fact, for effective safety training and education, safety training scripts should be audited frequently.

Enforcements of traffic wardens, top authorities and police are accountable to ensure the system is in operation. Police implement and court of laws penalizes individuals who are violating the rules. This is taken as action to be learnt for law breakers for future consciousness. Generally, enforcements are implemented in a recognized approach targeting black spot areas, additional road patrols, speed cameras, special police force among others. The stricter the law is implemented, the safer the roads are. The incorporation and influence of three safety Es approach play a vitalrole in health and safety program (Potter, 2010). If they are strictly implemented, they will lead to reduction of road crashes, creation of safer transportation networks and uplifting road safety profile in the community among many others.

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