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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a live view of real-world’s physical elements whose essentials are augmented by a computer produced sensory key such as sounds, video, graphic designs or GPRS data. It is similar to a general perception known as the mediated reality in which an observation of reality is adjusted by a computer. As a result, one’s current observation of reality is enhanced by the applications of the technology. Augmented reality can be used to enhance a behavioral change campaign predestined to improve public safety, health, environment or society's well-being.

Augmented reality can be applied to promote merit goods or campaign against the demerit goods thus enhancing the community’s well being. Eyeglasses, a technology which is currently researched by Google, can be employed to display the mixture of the food contents while in the supermarkets (Barfield and Caudell, 2001). The eyeglasses capture the real world outlook and re-display it augmented observation through the eyepieces.

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If clients want to stop consuming fat, they can use the eyeglasses to easily assess the various diverse food products placed on the shelves of the supermarket even without touching the products. In addition, a Spatial Augment Technology has been developed which can augment real world objects without incorporating the physical displays such as monitors (Barfield and Caudell, 2001). Therefore, clients do not have to carry monitors and screen to the supermarket as the technology can display the information regarding the food products onto physical objects.

Respectively, augmented reality technology can be used to convince people to stop using demerit goods such as drugs. With the continued improvement of animations and graphics, people are able to use augmented reality to visualize the specific effects of the use of the drug in their bodies for a given period of time (Carroll and University of Maryland, 2006). The application exposes the extended results using animations and graphics in real time. The technology thus discourages the consumption of drugs in the society.

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In conclusion, augmented reality is an important element aimed at changing certain behaviors in the society. Although the technology has not been fully developed, various organizations are undertaking the research. In some years to come, the technology will be fully functional.

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