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A Biography of Entertainment

Entertainment refers to the activity or activities of amusement that human beings get involved into to free themselves from their daily occupations. It can also be referred as the hobby or a leisure activity that human beings use to distract themselves from their routine schedules in order to relax their bodies and mind. Entertainment is therefore essential for a healthy life. According to scholars, entertainment has a long history and will be there for many years to come. In fact what changes are the forms of entertainment depending with the culture, technology and social economic conditions of the people (Ashraf 1).

Personally, my three main forms of entertainment include swimming, watching movies and playing chess. Every person has good reasons why he/she likes certain forms of entertainment and I am not exceptional (King &Sayre 70). To begin with, I like swimming because it is refreshing and serve as stress relieving technique. The truth is I was introduced to swimming at a tender age by elder brother back in the countryside. In fact my first swimming experience was in a small stream within our neighborhood. We used to construct a barrier across the stream to raise the water lever so that it can serve as a swimming pool. When we moved to the city I was privileged to have access to a modern swimming pool within the estate and swimming became a way of spending my leisure time.

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I like swimming because it is not only a form of entertainment but also a very good way of exercising my body. After classes I am normally very fatigued and swimming refreshes my body and mind leaving me sober and free from all the stress. Swimming also gives me an opportunity to mingle with my friends thereby improving my social life. I must admit that by spending most of my free time swimming helps me to avoid engaging in immoral and unethical activities that could be harmful to my health and education. Swimming helps me to experience the soothing effects of water that not only cleans my body but also leaves me stress free.

The other type of entertainment that I like most is playing chess. In fact this is my favorite indoor hobby. I like the game very much and if I am not doing my assignments or domestic chores at home, you will find me playing chess with my friends either at home or in my friend’s home. I also play chess with my friends at school when it is reaction time or when we are free from class work. Similar to swimming, my liking for chess started very long time ago when I was a small kid. Initially we used to play checkers with my brothers and sometimes my friends and we could make a lot of noise in the house thereby attracting the attention of my dad. He then suggested that chess was better than checkers and he later bought us two chess game kits so that we could play comfortably with my friends. I must admit that at the beginning we did not like chess because it was a bit challenging than checkers. My dad hired a trainer for us and within no time I was in love with the game.

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I became very interested in chess and I was very curious to play it with my schoolmates whereby I felt that I was good enough to challenge them. Surprisingly, I was quite smart and I was allowed to the school’s chess team. From this moment I have never played checkers and when I am not busy with domestic chores or school work, my favorite indoor hobby is playing chess with my friends. I even play it online in the internet or alone using my computer in my bedroom. There are several reasons why I like playing chess. First of all, unlike other indoor games, chess serves as a brain teaser and a stimulator. Playing chess enables a person to think big before making moves and in the long run one is able to improve his/her thinking ability. Chess is not energy consuming and one can play it when tired from physical activities and need a less involving a form of entertainment (Farmer 32).

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Lastly, my third hobby is watching movies. This includes all sorts of movies ranging from documentaries, discovery movies as well as action movies. This is what I find entertaining when I am not swimming or playing chess. Sometimes we find ourselves tired that we are not ready for any energy or mind involving types of entertainment (Farmer 66). At such moments, I like watching movies with my friends, and sometimes family members. This hobby gives me an opportunity to rest my body mind and also have some free time with my family members. Through this hobby I am able to witness great innovations in the world and new technologies that existing in different parts of the world. Movies whether factual or fictional represent the prototype of the actual things happening in our society. Therefore watching movies is not only entertaining but also a source of knowledge to me. Additionally, watching movies has enabled me to improve my concentration abilities because some movies require viewers to be attentive in order to follow their plot (Farmer 88). This has helped me when it comes to concentration in my class work.

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The above hobbies say a lot about me and my community. For instance, swimming tells that I come from a community where water is in plenty The fact that I learned how to swim when I was a small kid indicate that I was brought up in a place where water was not a major challenge. This is highlighted by the fact that I leaned swimming in a stream. We later moved to the city and the presence of a swimming pool is a clear indication that living standards were not very bad and my community was wealthy enough to afford some luxuries such as swimming pools. From my second hobby, playing chess, it is clear that I like brain work since chess is a game of the brain. The form of entertainment also indicates that I come from a community where people are well up. In most instances, chess is played by well up people and some of the middle class group of people. The third hobby which is watching movies still tells more about my concentration abilities and my liking for indoor games. It also tells a lot about the well being of my community and how they spend their leisure time (King & Sayre 45-46).

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The above three hobbies constitute the biography on my entertainment. Swimming, playing chess and watching movies is what I found entertaining. At many times, what is entertaining to people constitute their hobbies (Ashraf 1). However, it is worth noting that the above analysis does not completely represent my true self. The analysis is limited to only my favorite hobbies. There are other things that I do in life that can tell much about me and my community. It is not absolutely accurate to conclude about the personality of an individual only from his/her best hobbies. Nevertheless, entertainment is part of our lives and through it we can relax our bodies and mind for a better growth and development.

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