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Decision on Global Warming and Use of Renewable Sources of Energy

The world is facing great challenges in making energy related decisions. The most challenging bit is that over 90% of the world energy comes from fossils and they are the ones responsible for global warming. It has become difficult to eliminate the use of fossils as a source of energy because most of the economies in the world are run using it (Stone, 2011).

Never the less, the world leaders must come up with decisions that not only favor the current generation but also the generations to come. First of all, it is worth noting that the fossil related source of energy are not renewable and one day they will cease to exist or become insufficient. This means that the economies that we are busy building currently will become unstable. On the other hand, most of the renewable sources of energy are environmentally friendly and do not have big wastes that are eliminated to the environment. Subsequently, most of the renewable sources of energy do not contribute towards global warming. However it is worth noting that some of the environmental friendly sources of energy such as wind and solar are not always present, it is also important to consider the use of controversial sources of energy such nuclear. However, strict rules should be made to regulate usage of some of the sources of energy especially those that may be used to develop other dangerous things such as nuclear weapons (Stone, 2011).

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This will be far much easier and ethical than regulating the human population to the levels that can be supported by the existing sources of energy. It is evident that without a reliable source of energy our economies have no future. Fossils will not provide us with sufficient energy forever and it's essential to consider other sources too. More so, the issue of climate is very paramount and should be equally considered. It is the high time that the issue of global warming should be addressed carefully and the world should discourage use of fossil energy.

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