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An Ideal Job

1. Brainstorming

The choice of the profession

The payment, education, schedule and complexity of the work are among the main factors to make a choice about the future occupation. Ideal job for me is a position of a sales manager. The profession is hard but very interesting. It is also one of the best paid professions nowadays.

The skills and qualities required

This job is demanding and requires a lot of work and highly developed personal qualities. A sales manager should be an organized person capable to arrange his or her own time and the time of others. A great amount of various meetings and the value of time play an important role for this profession and demand the scheduling of the day. Time management skills are obligatory for a sale manager.

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A sales manager has to collect and operate the important information, analyze it and provide some conclusions in the form of advice or prognosis.  Thereby, the access to the information and analytical skills are essential for a sales manager. The capabilities to compare, analyze, divide into parts, separate, and predict the outcomes are among the crucial analytical skills.

The work of a sales manager requires developed communication and teamwork skills. Some of sales managers work in team on a regular basis and some only throughout certain project. The understanding of the value of the contribution of every member is among important teamwork skills together with support and readiness to assist.

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A good sales manager can lead the team to success and knows the ways how to do that. Leadership skills are necessary and include the ability to encourage, persuade and organize the cooperation. The individual approach and some knowledge of humanpsychology are crucial for a good leader.

The optimism and creativity help a person in this position to be unique and valuable among the other representatives of this profession. Creativity includes non-standard approach to the situation and its solution. The belief in success is a leading personal feature to overcome the difficulties.

Skills to develop

Time management and analytical skills as the most important should be highly developed. Daily scheduling, arranging meetings and active social position (with some volunteering work) can help to plan the time and develop time management skills. The analysis of logical sequence of current events, making notes to the articles, the regular observation of people in order to gain information can help to develop analytical skills. To develop communication, skills it is important to make new contacts among different groups of people: neighbors, shop assistants, current sales managers, students or their parents. The organization of any social work is a good opportunity to apply the leadership skills.  

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Courses to take

To develop some professional and personal skills, it is useful to take some courses either online, at distance or based at colleges or universities. There are special sales management courses at University of California, Grand Canyon University, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and others. Many universities offer the online courses with flexible scheduling. Such education requires payments. However, there are some free online courses available for everyone. The development of leadership and communication skills, books in psychology, the set of advice for time management can be studied online.

Steps to secure a positions of sales manager

Revise the resume to make it complete and suitable for this particular job.  It should be updated with the latest information about the education, skills and qualities. The name and contact information are obligatory.

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Prepare for the short interview about the qualities and skills and future goals on this position. It should contain all the important information that can be interesting for the interviewer and the company.

Prepare a list of personal qualities and skills necessary for the job. Include additional skills that can be helpful.

Find the information about the company. It can help to know what the company's requirements are to the candidates and what can be done to increase the chances to get the position. The information about the history of the company or its achievement shows the applicant's interest in the work.

Contact a specific person at a company to inform about your interest in the position.

Possible obstacles

The greatest barrier is a lack of experience and special education. The absence of some specific skills and knowledge creates the difficulties in preparing the resume and the barriers in communication with interviewer.  Little experience in organization the meetings is the reason of time planning failures. There can be the problem of transportation in case the position demands driving skills and personal car.

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2. The Journalists' Questions  technique.


Who is a sales manager? Who can help me to develop the skills needed for the job? Who can become a good sales manager? Who can teach me to become a good sales manager?


What is the position of sales manager among the other professions? What is important in this job for me? What are the main skills for the chosen profession? What are the crucial personal qualities that can help to succeed?


Where can I get the education to become a sales manager? Where can I have additional trainings to be a good professional? Where can I apply my skills?


When can I train my skills? When should I start working? When can I become a good professional?

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Why is this job good/interesting for me? Why should I pay attention on the particular skills and qualities? Why it is important to be optimist?


How do we make a choice of future profession? How the particular skills and qualities help to be successful? How can I develop the needed skills and qualities? How much time will my study take? How can I organize myself to start preparations to the future job now?

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