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Email Subject Line

The subject line is very significant piece of information in email massage. Readers use it to decide whether to read or not to read an email. With just a look at the subject line in the email, the recipient should be able to understand the idea in the email. Therefore, email subject line should be made precise, informative and interesting to seduce readers to open an email. Researches show that a number of users of email open massages due to the content of subject line (Lehman and Dufrene, 2010).

The subject line is intended to accomplish a certain purpose. Generally, the main purpose of subject line is to tell what is contained in the email. However, an interesting subject line when used effectively, confines attention of the reader (Lehman and Dufrene, 2010). Subject lines are as well made to help the reader to sort through the emails received quickly. Another purpose of the subject line is referencing specifically when the reader wants to identify an idea contained in a particular email. Moreover, subject line makes future retrieval of the email easier.

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There are several guidelines for writing an effective subject line. An efficient email subject line should be precise and direct to point. In fact, the ideal length of effective subject line is expected to be a maximum of six words. Ideas should be separated by use of integrated colon as well as other punctuation marks. However, one word subject line should be avoided (Lehman and Dufrene, 2010). An effective subject line should be trustworthy in that they do not contrast the idea in the email. Effective subject line should be interesting and informative to capture attention of the reader.

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