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Application of Force in Daily Human Activity

Forces are very significant in all daily human aspects. Human beings require various forces to carry out their daily activities. For instance, the force of up thrust helps human to keep objects floating on water surface. Human beings use up thrust force in their daily activities such as transportation and swimming. In fact, it is this force which enables ships to float on water surface (Ferro et al., 2004, pp. 45-67).

Air resistance and friction help human to slow down or prevent them from sliding. Human beings use high frictional forces in their daily activities such as driving. Moreover, low friction is useful too since it allows human to do certain activities lice ice-skating and writing. For example, air resistance is beneficial to human activities like sky-diving. Frictional forces are also used to generate electrostatic charges (Cutnell 2004, pp. 23-33).

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The force of gravity is very significant as it is the only force that maintains objects on the earth surface. These forces enable human beings to walk stably on the surface without floating in the sky. Objects such as airplanes are maintained in the space by gravitational force acting on them. Gravitational forces help objects to be much stable and not easily to topple off. However, the lower the centre of gravity, the more stable an object is.

Human being uses spring force in making objects like mattresses to enable them to be more comfortable. Higher spring force is also used in making spirals which are used as shock absorbers in small vehicles as well as in spring balance. In contrary to spring forces, humans use tensional forces in activities such as tight rope walking and in specific objects like hammocks (Cutnell 2004, pp. 23-33). However, uses of tensional forces are limited to the elastic limit of the material.

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Pressure force is one of the most commonly used force in daily human activates. In most cases, humans use pressure force together with others forces activities such as inflammation of vehicle wheels and in balls such as football. Pressure incorporated with other forces such as balancing forces helps airplanes to climb and move through the space. With the current technology, humans have advanced the uses of pressure into various activities such as cooking and cleaning (Ferro et al., 2004, pp. 45-67).

Humanbeings have also made use of a centripetal force (Hibbeler 2009, pp. 131-45). The energy involved in adjusting the path for a body in circular motion is known as centripetal force. Centrifugal force concept has found a lot of applications in devices that rotate: centrifugal pumps, centrifuges, centrifugal governors, clutches among others. It has also been useful in centrifugal railways, banked curves and planetary orbits among other things. These situations and devices can be evaluated based on the fictitious force in a coordinated system that rotates in a motion relative to the rotation center or based on the reactive and centripetal forces seen from a reference non-rotating frame. The concept is used taking into account that the various forces are of the same magnitude although the reactive centrifugal and the centrifugal forces act in an opposite sense to the core centripetal force.

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Human activities generally require combination of forces. For instance, when a person is walking, he or she makes use of several force such as gravitational force, frictional force and air resistance force. Every human activity carried out is made up of one or more forces (Serway 2003, pp. 10-23). This review, therefore, shows that human activities are subjects to forces acting on them. In general, these forces helps human to have comfortable life. However, some pressure such as air resistance limits human efforts in their daily activities.

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