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Affirmative Action

Affirmative action was initially established as a means thought to race and gender discrimination and especially in matters of employment. However, Affirmative Action has in recent times appeared to take different roles in the society. Affirmative Action has ideally become a very important aspect especially for the women in American. Affirmative Action was established to end gender and racial discrimination that was rampant in the United States. It was a move that was taken to ensure equal opportunities for all people. During the 1960s, it was resolved that people should not be judged on racial or gender grounds. However, there have been policies based on gender and race that have become evident. Under the same banner of affirmative action, race and gender-based policy has become a common practice in modern America. Thus, Affirmative Action is an outdated concept that creates more harm to the society and its people than dealing with gender discrimination.

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Indeed, affirmative action is an outdated concept. The initial idea was to come up with a temporary program offering some kind of opportunities to the American women. In modern America, affirmative action has ended up being a sex and a multi minority conglomerate. It has moved away beyond giving the women opportunity in the workplace. It has diversified in the sense that it now considers the women for an advantage at the expense of the male gender. This goes contrary to the foundation of the American democratic society that every man is created equal to the other. Therefore, such a program does not fit within the American society. With the foundation upon which America is built, affirmative action does not have room in the contemporary American society. The entire concept has moved from being a policy of dealing with gender and racial discrimination to an ideology of overcoming unbalanced representation. Therefore, instead of ending discrimination, it looks like it is discriminating male gender from it as it serves only the female gender.

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