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President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address

The 2013 State of the Union Address was a comprehensive speech given by the United States current President Barack Obama. He gave the speech at the chamber of the United States House of Representatives on February 12, 2013 at 9 PM EST. Barack Obama delivered his speech in 61 minutes, but the whole event took approximately one hour fifteen minutes. The purpose of Barack Obama’s speech was to give a comprehensive way forward to the American people. He deliberated on methods his government would use to achieve success in all sectors of the economy. The Constitution of the United States requires that the president give the Congress information on the methods or formulas being laid down by the government to achieve national goals. It is a legal obligation for the head of state to give the State of the Union Address. The occasion of President Barack Obama State of the Union Address was his constitutional obligation. Obama appeared to consider the occasion of this event by making it his duty to deliver a speech that would leave America united.

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The demographic make-up of the audience was mostly elderly people. Some were invited as guests and others were Congress members. In terms of gender, there were more men than women. Politically, the audience was composed of both members of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. In terms of race, ethnicity, and cultural background, the audience during the 2013 State of the Union Address was all representative: there were whites, African Americans, Hawaiian, and Asians. The attitudinal make-up of the audience can be said to be lively and jovial, because they could stand and clap for the President whenever the made a notable point.

The main points of the President’s speech touched on all sectors that in one way or another affect the American welfare and success. One of Obama’s main points was concerning manufacturing industries that had the potential to increase employment opportunities in America. The President said that his desire would be to raise living standards of the middle class by strengthening their economic status. Secondly, President Obama spoke on raising the minimum wage by 24%. He promised that the 7.25 dollars per hour wage would be increased to 9 dollars. According to him, this would boost consumption and raise living standards of many families. Third, the President spoke on his intention of controlling gun. He repeatedly told the Congress to take action on gun control.

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He said that there were laws that would ensure that crimes do not access guns. The fourth and perhaps the main point he made was that Afghan War would end by the year 2014. He said that more than 34, 000 troops would be coming home. He also spoke on his intentions of making or bettering the education standards. Finally, Obama spoke on his firm action against Iran developing its nuclear weapons. He said that together with America’s allies, he would pledge to countries like Russia to reduce their nuclear piling. The President identified these main points by classifying his speech in terms of economic prosperity and foreign policy relation to other nations.

President Obama’s introduction was very effective; he started by thanking his audience and acknowledging all people who were present there. He then gave an introductory remark by quoting a wise saying by President John F. Kennedy that the constitution does not make Americans rivals for power, but it makes Americans partners for progress. This was in line with the purpose by which the State of the Union Address is made.

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President Obama’s conclusion was also effective, because he ended by thanking his audience and all Americans. He restated his introductory remarks that Americans rights are wrapped together. This means that attaining success in America needs the contribution of all people. This conclusion was effective, because it reminds the American people that state growth is not just the job of the government, but it is the duty of all to take part in shaping America.

To emphasize or to elaborate on how the government intended to perform, Obama gave several supporting evidence. As a priority in making a magnet for new manufacturing and jobs, Obama highlighted some key evidence. In an effort to increase employment opportunities and revolutionize manufacturing industry in America, he said that American manufacturing companies like Caterpillar, Ford, and Apple have created approximately 500, 000 jobs by bringing back their activities in the United States. He also said that the government created a manufacturing innovation institute in Youngstown Ohio. He also announced the launch of three more manufacturing hubs in America.

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Obama’s organizational strategies during his speech were highly effective. He organized his speech in a chronological and informative format. His speech organization was effective, because he was able to get the attention of his audience. His speech organization also created credibility by previewing the main points at the end.Obama’s speech was also credible, because he spoke about things that were realistic. He did not take side with either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. He noted that irrespective of the differences in the parties, Americans should always be given priority in decisions being made. This made his speech credible to all political parties.

Obama’s use of language to create impact was effective throughout his speech. He used simple and clear language. His choice of words was appropriate, and he continuously created a sense of friendship with his audience. In terms of structure, his language creates a sense of togetherness when he uses words like “our country”. This creates a bond between the Congress members, the rest of Americans, and the President.

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Physical delivery during his speech was that he had a good posture, maintained eye contact with the audience, used gestures whenever appropriate, and used non-verbal communication. In terms of vocal delivery, the president was audible, spoke at a rate, and pitch of his voice was easy to follow, he paused severally during his speech and used American English.

The 2013 State of the Union Address by President Barack Obama can be said to have been persuasive in nature. He used strong emotional appeals to hammer home his plea for a vote in Congress on several gun control measures. He drew on the spirit or evidence of the Hadiya Pendleton. This was a case in which a Chicago teenager was shot a week after the President’s opening weekend party. To emphasis his emotional appeal, the President said that the teenager’s parents deserve a vote. He also supported his emotional appeal by the image of the former Rep. Gabrielle Gifford who was wounded by a gunman in Arizona. Using this as evidence, Obama appealed to Congress to vote for the gun control law.

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Obama’s reasoning can be said to be realistic and well informed. He supports his argument by the use of real evidence. This speech persuaded me to accept the fact that attaining national development involves compromise. Political parties should give priority to the needs of Americans and not the needs of their members. My overall reaction to this speech is that of total conviction that Obama’s administration is after equality among all Americans. Obama’s speech was a well delivered and strong speech with meaningful information not only to the Congress members, but also to all Americans. If I was the one delivering this speech, I would have given the audience an opportunity to ask questions. This would ensure clarification on any ambiguity issue or matter.

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