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Effects of Technology

Question One

We are living in a world full of new technologies. Every new technological device makes our life easier but with some few unnecessary overloads to our already pressured packed schedules. These technologies provide instant accessibility with many people being able to work anywhere, anytime (Ring, 2009). However, there is a lot of information arriving daily in our inboxes either in the form of messages or email that can easily let our jobs dominate our personal lives. Hence, this means that technology advancement overload is real. The problem is growing. People can best cope with technology overload by setting boundaries to work; one should not be a workaholic with technology assisting, but one should allocate their time and effort efficiently by not allowing work take up all of their time. One should have time to rest, visit friends by putting their gadget or laptop away. One should set time to check email and messages to avoid reduced productivity and concentration at work. It is also important to limit cell phone calls when at work, with family or at meetings.

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Question Two

Due to the rapid development of new technology in the world today and it affordability to everyone, the number of people using a cellular phone has risen greatly over the past decade. The number is expected to grow in the years to come. All new mobile devices are equipped with Wi-Fi that uses radio waves. An antenna sends and receives radio signals through cell phones. People should indeed worry about device radiation. It puts a person at high risk of having brain tumor or risk of having cancer. It is because antennas bring high radio frequency to the user when using a cell phone. 

High radio frequency is harmful as it produces heat that might cause a brain tumor; it impacts a variety of brain functions including the neuroendocrine system. Also, low intensity pulsed radiation can exert subtle influences on human health. Biological electrical activities that are fundamental to cell division are interfered with due to cell phone incoming radiation, the same way radio reception is interfered with. For example, after an investigation, it has been noted that cell phones are related to a 200% to 300% increase in neuroepithelial tumors. Thus, we should avoid radio frequency producing devices due to health concerns and live far from wireless area and limit the time spent on cell phones.

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Question Three

Cyber bullying is done by use of technology where one creates a fake profile. Cyber bullying involves using the Internet or mobile phone, for example, to embarrass or humiliate someone (Zhang, 2006). It takes a few minutes to reach a lot of people using the Internet making it so useful but so dangerous and hurtful at the same time. Those who are caught cyber bullying should be punished according to the law. Cyber bullies must be brought to justice by imposing a five-year sentence of imprisonment or a one hundred thousand dollars fine.

Question Four

Children below twelve years old should not be exposed to emerging and advanced technology. Some engage in viewing pornographic web sites, which increases immorality within the society and, in most cases, causes sexual violence. It increases children’s brain growth as they are overexposed to technologies (Rowan, 2014). It causes cognitive delay, impaired learning and decreased capability to self-regulation such as tantrums. It causes delayed development as it restricts long distance travelling to children. It negatively impacts children’s literacy and academic achievements. It also provokes epidemic obesity as children stay in their rooms watching television and playing games. Based on the research conducted in Canada, 30% of children suffer from obesity due to exposure to technology, which implies that they spend most of their time indoors.

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The majority of children spend most of their night time using technology, which deprives them of their sleep. Children who lack sleep at night because of technology find themselves performing lower than expected. Exposure to technology increases child depression rates, leads to attachment disorder, attention deficit, anxiety, autism, and their behavior becomes problematic. They also become addicted to technology causing digital dementia due to brain pruning neuronal tracks to the frontal cortex. According to Rowan (2014), radiation emission causes brain cancer and a detrimental effect on children’s immune system is growing. Use of technology is harmful to small children and they are our future leaders. Hence, parents should punish children who like misusing technology by making sure children rooms have no television or anything that can impact their sleep or knowledge. Children should have limited time for technology and more time for learning.

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Question Five

Nowadays, one cannot believe in digital photos we see anymore. It is due to new advanced technology emerging now that allows altering or changing real images to fake ones. For example, airbrushed photos are often used to deceive potential customers by making an object of interest look better hence more attractive. Change of a digital image might alter its aesthetic value or its natural beauty making it harder to understand (Mitchell, 1994). Therefore, in many cases, it is not ethical to alter digital photos. The government should fine those people who alter photos to suit their unethical intention.

Question Six

People and organizations can be protected from cybercriminals through people and business owners’ collaboration and reporting those who are caught in the act because cybercriminals have become a global problem. Cyber police should always develop new tools and equipment, new technology, new procedures to track down cyber criminals. Governments, organizations and law enforcement agencies should create a team who will be dedicated to tracking down cyber criminals (Musanshi, 2010). The government should train and come up with Internet or Computer Crime Units where people can contact for assistance and report criminals. Software developers should create new and advanced software to track down cyber criminals. Cyber Criminal Unit should be trained on ways used by cyber criminals and be given tools that can help them collect and process evidence.

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