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People always have to make some important decisions in their lives, sometimes parents, friends, colleagues, and circumstances do those choices instead of them but in most cases, this is for an individual to decide what to do next and what to choose. The career decision must be one of the most important choices that a person may make. I have decided to become a sonographer, and in the following paper I would like to discuss also two other professions and show how they can collaborate with one another.

The profession that I have chosen requires work with diagnostic medical device that uses sound waves of high frequency known as ultrasound. It produces the dynamic images of internal body organs, blood flow or tissues within human body. The procedure is usually named as an ultrasound or a sonogram. The technology is radiation free and can help to diagnose many illnesses. The worker of this field must be a high-skilled professional that is able to use the mentioned equipment in order to see the structure images inside the human body that are taken by the physicians to later diagnose the disease and prescribe further treatment. The transducer is put against the skin of the patient; it works as a microphone and a loudspeaker as it might receive and transmit the sounds. The sound that is received by the device is sent to the computer that takes an image to the screen and records it later on videotape. Sometimes the performance of invasive procedures is a part of a job, while a sonographer has a close contact with a patient. Thereafter, a professional should be able to record the history of patients’ treatment, perform and obtain diagnostic procedures and images accordingly, be able to analyze all the technical information, provide a summary of technical findings that later would be used by the physician and others (Society of diagnostic medical sonography, 2014).

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Another medical profession that is of much interest to me is a radiologist. It is the type of physician who reads and interprets the digital images obtained from x-ray machines in order to advise the patient what further steps in his treatment would be and what type of doctor might help. He/she helps the patient to be diagnosed and consulted by the physician. The majority of these professionals are involved in establishing of the medical diagnosis, but interventional radiologists might do image-guided and therapeutic procedures that are important for cardiovascular disease treatments. Mainly radiologists read reports and interpret the image, which does not require much interaction with the patients. However, the interpersonal skills are also useful for those professionals as their work is in the field of collaboration and consultations, which is needed for further coordination with technical and health professionals (Santiago, 2014).

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The third profession of interest in health sciences would be the cytogeneticist. This person deals with the analysis of abnormalities and hereditary diseases. Samples of blood, body fluids, bone marrow, amniotic fluid or fetal tissues are taken as the main material for investigation. The management and the treatment of many diseases can be better executed if the interpretation and detection of chromosomes abnormalities have taken place. These specialists help to deal with abnormalities related to mental health issues, malignancies, prenatal defects, infertilities and others. This discipline requires deep knowledge of genetics (heredity) and cytology (cells). The main job requirements are related to blood and tissues analysis, prenatal diagnoses, and others (Hankins, 2013).

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Collaboration among the workers is very important to healthcare industry, as it requires complementary work and cooperative roles by sharing the responsibility that is very important for making decisions and problem-solving. The result of that might be the correct plans formulation for patients, which would bring benefits both for the submitted persons and personnel of the medical institution. The presence of collaboration improves the effectiveness of the team and awareness of team members of each other’s skills and knowledge types, which would lead to continuous improvement in decision-making processes. Successful teamwork is known for open communication, clear directions, non-punitive environment, respectful atmosphere, shared responsibilities, presence of clear decision-making procedures etc. (O’Daniel, Rosenstein).

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Being a representative of sonographers, I think that I need to closely collaborate and interact with radiologists. The less level of interaction is required with cytogeneticists. The radiologists are the people that deal with the same type of things that I do and they can teach me a lot. From my side as a professional, I might share with them also some important knowledge that would be useful for them. Cytogeneticists, as to my mind, have also something in common with sonographers and radiologists as we all have something to do with the diagnosis establishment. The importance of proper diagnosis is very high, which makes our profession very important as the future life of the patient might depend on our skills and knowledge.

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If one asks me how I can better prepare myself to interact with other health science professionals, I would answer that the most important thing is to develop my communication skills. This would help me to have an effective level of communication that would be beneficial for everyone who works in healthcare and for patients as well. Hidden thoughts, stress, emotions, miscommunication and defensiveness are only a few things that prevent people from proper interaction. People must try to overcome those and build an effective team.

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