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Education Changes People in Variety of Ways

The importance of education cannot be debated. It is common knowledge that education is the key to success in the current generation. Time has passed when education was not known as a basic need. To many countries especially the undeveloped one's education was seen as a luxury in the early 20th century (Greenwood, 2009). Currently education has been upheld globally and even the developing countries are putting more effort to ensure that their young people have access to quality education. This is because people have realized that it is only through education that the living standards of the people can be improved. Research conducted by academic scholars from different parts of the world show that societies cannot grow without education (Kassem, Mufti & Murphy, 2008).

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Personally I had an opportunity to get a quality education unlike some people from developing countries that do not have access even to basic education. From my own experience, I can categorically state that education changes people in a variety of ways and for good. It is not a must that after getting educated an individual should get employed in order to enjoy the fruits of education (Kassem, Mufti & Murphy, 2008). Ordinarily, a learned person lives a better life than the unlearned one even if they are both employed. Personally while in school I had an opportunity to study the existence of multicultural societies and how they affect the welfare of the people. Although I studied other things that are career related in order to get access to job opportunities, the knowledge I obtained about multicultural societies really changed my life (Fullan, 2010).

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Before joining school, I only knew people from my society. I was used to people that we share the same language, norms, values and behavior. Generally, after joining high school, I had the opportunity to mingle with students from other communities different from mine. Their skin color was different, they spoke different languages, they belonged to different religion background and with different norms and values. Initially, it was not easy to socialize with students from other cultural backgrounds. I remember that it reached a time and learning became impossible because students could not mingle freely due to cultural barriers. The school administration had to introduce multicultural awareness education to ensure that students understood one another (Greenwood, 2009). This is when I got an opportunity to learn more about other cultures and their behavior. I was able to know that the world is made up of people from different cultural backgrounds and we behave differently. Additionally, I also realized that with globalization it was necessary for people from different parts of the world to keep aside cultural differences and implement a standard behavior for the good of all (Levine & Ornstein, 2007).

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Although the knowledge of multicultural societies was meant to improve learning in our school, it really impacted my life greatly and I have lived happily with my neighbors up to now although they come from different cultural backgrounds. My life has really changed as a result of the education I obtained about multicultural societies. I was able to improve my relationship with other students from different cultural backgrounds (Fullan, 2010). Up to now I use this knowledge whenever I go and I can live freely with people from all parts of the world. I mingle freely with people from all parts of the world. In fact some of my close friends are from different cultural backgrounds courtesy of the multicultural education I obtained while in high school.

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