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Developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) is viewpoint in early childhood learning where a teacher takes care of a child’s emotions socially or emotionally and cognitive development through application of theories on child development.

An effective curriculum has the potential to dramatically affect the performance of the student and quality of teacher. Teachers learn on how to teach a particular subject and have convenient lessons and well organized materials in a developmental sequence which promotes student education when they thoroughly study the application of a high effective curriculum.

The main role of the teacher in curriculum is teaching. An effective teacher knows that learning incorporates various responsibilities to make sure that the school runs smoothly daily and each student gets a quality education.

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A good curriculum has got various aspects such as well developed curriculum design, research and developmental studies, internalization-reach out to other like minded institutions, information network within the school, additional curriculum activities, understanding performance, encourage alumni relationships with community, poses various skills and knowledge, and good planning strategies.

A meaningful curriculum should increase students’ enthusiasm and enjoyment for learning, challenge teachers and student and stimulate their imaginations, provide opportunities to students to enhance their thinking skills and offer opportunities for students to work both individually or in groups.

Planning is the mental process that involves organizing for all activities needed to accomplish a desired goal. Planning therefore includes the creation and upholding of the plan. Hence, planning in calculates various principles such as leadership building; encourage team building and involvement, transparency; diverse and participatory; involve all the relevant groups in the initial steps of planning, transparency; make clarifications to all participants on the desired goals and objective, sustainable; come up with policies and strong framework of institution for further decision making and solving conflicts.

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The essential components of planning include writing clearly defined plans, understanding basics about area of planning, being mindful of all involved in the plan and having the ability to determine the resources needed.

The important aspects of the teacher’s role in planning include giving guidance on matters concerning teaching strategies and other curriculum activities required in students studies.

There four commonly used types of planning: strategic planning; long term plans made by the top management which give the future picture of the organization in matters concerning productivity and profitability, tactical planning; which are supportive plans to the strategic plans that accomplishes the objectives of the strategic plans at departmental level, Operational planning; which focus on particular process and procedure that take place within the lowest level of then organization, approximately the individual level of the organization, contingency planning; substitute plans that are applied where the original plan fails to deliver desired goals.

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Assessment is the evaluation conducted to establish the level of understanding especially after going through training or a learning process. The principle of assessment evidently expresses to the teacher and students then goals of the education activity or task. It reflects a view of education in which assessment assists have getter education other than just getting good marks. It also enables students to apply assessment remarks and take responsibility for their personal studies.

The role of the teacher in assessment is to evaluate the student’s performance and measure their level of understanding about the things learnt.

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