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World Trade Policies

World trade has its own peculiarities and models. Some of them prevail all over the world. Every country prefers to use different policies for better trade. The companies determine the main direction in their policy and follow it. Some companies use free trade policies that protect both imported goods and products that are produced in the country. The government does not apply any tariffs or quotas. It is good when products are competitive. However, sometimes, when the products are not competitive, or their popularity is less compared to the imported goods, the big companies ask the government to apply import barriers, subsidies to their industries. Sometimes, they ask about protection from foreign dumping. Some corporations ask the government about adopting laws for protecting environment, food safety, and labor standards (Tothova, 2009).

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From my perspective, the best policy is aimed at adopting laws that protect people at their workplaces, environment from harmful influence and provide food safety and quality. It should prevail all over the world. Big corporations and plants must produce competitive, natural, qualitative and safety products. The government has to control such a process. Free trade is a good policy; however, the national products become unprotected. The increase of tariffs for imported goods can protect national products partly; however, such a policy can lead to misunderstandings with other countries. If the products are qualitative and safe, they will be competitive. The government will not have to protect them in such a way.

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Therefore, the policies that protect people and environment are the best. People have stable employment, environment is protected from harmful substances and pollutants, and the factories produce safe food. Thus, everyone is satisfied. Earth is our home, and we are not its owners, but servants. People must always remember it! The entire world has to unite for preserving the planet for future generations. The government has to think about the future life, not only about the present state of affairs. I believe that all companies will ask the government to apply such a policy in the future.

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