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The Fancy

The Fancy is an e-commerce site that deals with a variety of products. The products have widened their target market because they deal with men’s, women’s and kids’ products. Proper Internet marketing is very essential for this commerce site as it will help it compete effectively with other competitors, improve the current Alexa ranking and enhance its search on the Internet. This in turn will increase the current sales and widen the market worldwide.

Most of the clients are those who fancy unique products such as gadgets, car and architecture to mention but just a few. Most people who fancy these unique products are young and it is important to understand them. Affiliate marketing will assist in marketing these products if properly implemented. Most people who fancy these unique products pay visit to blogs that deal with stuffs such as fashion, watches, sunglasses and cars. They do this in order to know what is new and what they can acquire. The Fancy can use this opportunity so that to market on these blogs. Affiliate marketing will be cost effective because Fancy will only pay when there is a conversion to their sites which can lead to purchase of their items. The publishers of these blogs and sites where Fancy`s target market is found, can raise awareness to their loyal clients as they trust them. If these clients buy quality products from those sites and get relevant information, they will definitely have a reason to listen to the publisher and this strategy may pay off.

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Fancy deals with many products and searching an item from the search engines should output the products. A client should not search for the products for a long time before finding it. Competitors are from each sector because others have carved out a niche and Fancy deals with many products. There is a need to use unique keywords that are popular and can compete effectively to improve the search engine optimization.

Viral marketing will also have a very great impact if it is given the necessary attention. Free products, appealing discounts, great deals just to mention a few offers, tend to spread like bushfire among the fanatics and individuals who are interested in certain products. Fancy can use this strategy to attract more buyers. Platforms such as social media like Twitter and Facebook can be used to pass this message in case there are great deals; free products for a certain number of people to attract them and appealing discounts. The amount of effort used in passing the information on these platforms is little. They only share or `retweet` this message to their friends who end up passing it to others. can be used to search for fanatics of Fancy products and ensure that they get the information on product and also in case of sweet deals. This can be used to expand the market and if the deal is good, clients will definitely be interested in visiting the site. Fancy should use keywords that can attract buyers and at times, sense of humor tends to work when advertising.

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To retain current customers, Fancy should continue building their trust on the clients. The clients will also return the favor and trust the company. One-to-one marketing is a good strategy that can be implemented and will build a good rapport with clients. Good customer relationships can be developed by this strategy which in effect can help Fancy to market their products. When customers are satisfied with Fancy`s services, they tend to pass the message to their friends and family members which expands the market. This strategy will ensure that Fancy gets higher profits while lowering the cost of operation. Good relationship with the clients will enable Fancy differentiate itself from other competitors.

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