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Marketing Communication


This paper contemplates on the Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) technologies, applications plus strategies carried on in e-business and e-commerce. To measure blog traffic the following WordPress website, topic and marketing posts were used.

Wordpress Website:

Wordpress Topic: Electronic Marketing Technologies,

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Wordpress Pass: 4emarketech

Marketing is a process of stimulating sale of a company product through identification, promotion, presentation and satisfaction of customer needs (Pass, Lowers, & Davies, 2006). It involves the management of consumer needs, strategic selection and promotion of the required products that customers are interested in both locally and globally.

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Recommendations for Measuring Blog Traffic

Twitter and Facebook

To measure blog traffic and to get more traffic, one needs to inform an individual online about new posts. The user can engage his or her followers on twitter and post on the biggest social networking Facebook website to his or her friends. To measure the blog traffic pattern, there is a need for Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). According to Kevin, Lane and Kelleri (2001), IMC is the coordination and integration of marketing dynamic communication tools. The promotional mix strategy for marketers under the integrated marketing communication relies on the online advertising, social networking, personal sales, and promotions through mails, mails sent directly and under public relations.

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Visibility by Search Engines i.e. Google

The blog should be transparent and open to the public to ensure all the search engines of the site can be accessed. Google and Bing are the best known search engines that can assist in promotion of the WordPress blog posts online. An effective blog traffic strategy relies on an effective communication pattern. It entails on the communication options for various marketers, to associate there a promotion tool directly or indirectly with their brand. The addition of relevant Electronic Marketing Technologies tags will ensure that post can be indexed, which will increase the website rankings.

Traffic Payment

Within the WordPress, there is a need to pay for a good theme that will help portray the good image and prospect of the company through the website posts. Visitors can be brought to the websites if payments are made to specific electronic companies i.e. stumble upon.

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Direct Mailing and Friends’ Invitation

Direct mail involves sending messages to a target audience or friends, which promotes the response rate among the interested parties. A direct contact will improve sales due to the personal advertising and emotional personal relationship with the consumers (Kevin, Lane and Kelleri, 2001). Direct marketing comprises the use of computers, direct mails, telephone calls and print media, which assist to persuade consumers to buy products, as they feel related to the industries. Friends can sign up through the websites from updates from Emarketingtech4, WordPress (2014) website.

Blog Linking and Integration

Linking to other bloggers and websites allows people to subscribe to the posts and follow their comments. Marketers can implement the modular strategy through both Electronic Trading Systems (ETS) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technologies. It is where the interfaces of trading are connected within organizations (Emarketingtech4, WordPress, 2014). It ensures the automation of communications and data sharing services between the corporates through E-Procurement and E-Marketplace applications (Dai & Kauffman, 2002).

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Comment on other Blogs and Timely Response Communication

The business service company could also implement the strategy of blog management by optimal structure imposition for service transactions within the website. These strategies are implemented much better through electronic cataloging and automation processes of communication to recipients visiting the website page for services or documents (Dai & Kauffman, 2002). These strategies allow the leveraging opportunities, which make implementation of B2B capabilities strategic and for streamlining of order process.

Security of WordPress

The ideal company requires customer level management for flexibility and classes of access are classified for mandatory control through Multilevel security (MLS). Under B2C, it is possible to assess B2C cybermall application, which involves virtual shops linking to such e-shops as web portals. It would group various services in the online company into different catalogs, which would make them traceable. Visitors would visit a blog or website, which is secure and is operating up to date.

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In conclusion, marketing is one of the most significant pillars of success in any business setting if profit maximization is to be attained. It, however, must be fueled by smooth and organized communication between the different departments and clientele base. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) promote the brand to the public and ensure that customer loyalty is attained. Increased blog traffic calls for more blogging by the public. An effective measuring strategy and effective blogging strategy will always ensure getting better and heavy traffic.

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