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Self-Assessment and Analysis

It is highly important to pay attention to oneself, including the speculations, feelings, emotions, attitudes, actions and motivations. In fact, self-awareness appears from retreating and taking a good and sincere look at oneself and the ways the person relates to the world, which surrounds them. Self-awareness helps the person to identify the genuine emotions and feelings and helps to act in accordance with the personal values rather than being swayed by what other people believe one has to do. Self-awareness and self-evaluation allow one to find a profession, which best suits the person as it will take full advantage of personal skills, traits and interests.

1. Strengths.

Firstly, there are two types of self-consciousness, including public and private self-consciousness. Both of them are very strong. Public self-consciousness means a tendency to be aware of the aspects of myself that are on the display in social situations and be more strongly developed. On the one hand, private self-consciousness helps people to understand themselves while building realistic and complex self-image. Thus, it has formulated a tendency to reveal the private sides of myself in intimate relationships, which practically strengthened human bonds and alleviated the feeling of loneliness. On the other hand, public self-consciousness helps to see the way my behavior affects other people and allows me to adapt to different social roles. Secondly, it is highly important to dedicate time to emotional awareness, which incorporates the process of recognizing, identifying and accepting emotions. In fact, I am emotionally aware, and it helps me to handle the emotions in a positive way and use them in order to make good choices. It is obvious that it is much easier to be emotionally aware in cases when things are going well. It is much harder to stay emotionally aware in the cases when there are some complications. I have learned not to avoid looking at my emotions, pretending that I do not care. Thirdly, it is very important to evaluate personal traits, which formulate the actually personality of the person. My most positive traits incorporate extroversion (assertiveness, sociability, and the interest in excitement and activity), openness (the desire to meet new people or learn ideas and experiences) and emotional stability (the resistance to negative emotions). It is very important to develop positive personal traits as they will become the basis for the further personal development. Fourthly, it is crucial to understand that high intelligence defines one’s manners. Thus, verbal/linguistic intelligence (the ability to use words and language, memorize information, and create imaginary worlds), visual/spatial intelligence (a capacity to visualize things and compose mental depictions), bodily/kinesthetic intelligence (the ability to comprehend and utilize the body), interpersonal intelligence (a capacity for person-to-person intercourse and debate resolving), and intrapersonal intelligence (the ability to be self-aware and set-reflective) are my strong sides. I am stronger in intrapersonal and visual intelligence than other above-mentioned types; however, depending on the situation, the tendency can be changed, and some types of intelligence will become prioritized.

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2. Potential Capacity.

It is highly important to become more self-aware in exploring personal values. As a matter of fact, values are those beliefs and principles, which are chosen by the person to follow. Previously, I considered that values include only moral and religious beliefs, but now it is obvious that they should include all areas of one’s life as they help to define the person. Lately, I had a chance to define that such values as adventure (the ability to explore the world and seek for new experiences), environmentalism (the attempts to preserve the natural environment), recognition (the chance to receive acknowledgement for the efforts), and knowledge (seeking truth and understanding) are one of the most important values for me. Thus, additional consideration and speculations open ample opportunities for the development of personal values. In fact, this helps to formulate the potential capacity.

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3. Weaknesses.

It is very important to learn how to realize and admit weakness as this is the first step to overcome them. Firstly, as both levels of private and public self-consciousness are high, it typically leads to deep self-analysis. Therefore, the high level of private self-consciousness provokes depressions due to the fact that self-consciousness heightens the experience of negative emotions as well as positive ones. Moreover, the level of public self-consciousness, which is higher than the level demonstrated by the average people, leads to anxiety in social situations. Thus, sometimes, I am overly worried concerning the personal look together with the opinions of other people about me. Secondly, it is very important to admit the low development of two out of “big five” traits, including low level of conscientiousness (self-discipline) and agreeableness (warmth and cooperativeness). Thirdly, some types of intelligence are underdeveloped, including logical/mathematical intelligence and musical intelligence.

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4. Plan for Improvements.

Firstly, it will be important to dedicate time to work on puzzles and brain teasers together with the practice of calculating problems in my head in order to develop logical/mathematical intelligence. Secondly, I will have to explore unfamiliar styles of music or take a class in music appreciation or performance in order to develop musical intelligence. Furthermore, it is highly crucial to pay attention to values and identify whether they have been chosen personally or have been copied from someone else. Moreover, it is important to ask myself whether these values make me feel good about myself, whether the community will benefit from the actions taken according to the values, and whether the value is flexible enough to allow me to pursue my needs and goals.

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