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The Birth of a Word by Deb Roy

The talk by Deb Roy is one of the most thrilling expositions of the role of technology in tracing language acquisition for children. It is presented with the aid of a computer program that makes it easy to follow: it uses visual aids as Roy said. In presenting his talk, Roy’s contact with the audience was not constant: he did not fully engage the audience because he occasionally had to face the screen. However, the talk presents various ethical issues. First of all, the child being studied did not consent to be watched by cameras. Secondly, the study was conducted with the help of an intrusion into the privacy of the parents; their home, including the bedroom. At the world scene, the research provides a huge milestone in the study of language acquisition. Specifically, it was noted that the environment of the child determines his or her ability to acquire language.

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Although the observer utilized a very creative approach to the study of the language, the information received could be misused in various ways. Firstly, malicious researchers may use the video to expose the private dealings of the couple. Secondly, instead of being applied in study of language acquisition, other people may use the videos to appraise technology or even the architecture of the house. Moreover, the study has great application potential in military surveillance. As a result, it could lead to the improvement of the security for military purposes. Moreover, military misuse is also potentially possible if the study is used to spy on other people’s private affairs. In the final analysis, the speaker presents a basic lesson; that it is important to use visual aids in delivering a talk. However, I would avoid facing the screen too much in order to create rapport with the audience.

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