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Mental Models

Analysis of people’s behavior is an extremely complicated task, as it is difficult to understand another individual with a totally different worldview, thinking, character and lifestyle. Mental models and mindsets help to manage this task, as they contain the synthesis of certain individual’s impressions, feelings, thinking and behaviors, based on previous experience. Mental models help us and make the external world more stable, as such mindsets fix our understanding and interpretation of the world. Sometimes mental models can disturb us from considering new factors and making innovative decisions, which is evident in Vernon and Bud’s case. This paper studies the issue of mental models on the example of Bud and Vernon and to formulate my mental models.

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As it has been mentioned above, mental models are complex concepts that embrace a number of people’s behaviors’, characteristics and determine their further behavior (Business Dictionary, n.d.). Mindsets, in general, contain previous experience and are based on our feelings and emotions from the past. It means that mental models are focused on what we have experienced before, instead of taking into account current obstacles, motives, innovations and transformation. Because of this, mindsets are rather dangerous: they do not allow us behaving in a new way, which may bring us new knowledge and experience. In order to protect our psychic, mental model makes us follow old strategies and stamps. In the companies where new approaches and visions are necessary, mental models may become a true threat to fresh ideas and their implementations. Therefore, the influence of mental models on mine and my coworkers’ behaviors should be considered negative. Due to Bud’s and Vernon’s stereotypes concerning technical issues and desire to act in usual and traditional way, the company may lose significant income and a number of consumers. Mindsets, inherent in Vernon’s and Bud’s thinking block creative approach to decision-making and the entire business conducting.

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The researchers identify five types of mental models, such as techno-centric, business – centric, customer-centric, innovative – centric and personal-centric. Each type has both advantages and disadvantages; therefore, there is a need for changing such models. The steps which imply well-organized and throughout process of transformation are helpful in solving this problem. First of all, it is necessary to identify your mindsets and mental models, in order to face their strengths and weaknesses. After this step, professionals recommend testing new approaches; it may be achieved by testing the relevance of certain mental models in relation to changing business environment with a purpose to create new mindsets. The third step means overcoming threats to potential transformations, including lack of trust, lack of information and desire to follow old patters, as well as expectations and plans of other people. After these three steps are completed, the final stage is to change own mental model by assessing, implementing and continuously strengthening it. When it comes to Bud and Vernon, proofs and arguments will not be enough to make them change their mindsets concerning the company’s innovations. First of all, it is worth telling them that some successful companies have implemented our company’s current plans. As a result, these companies managed to increase the quantity of customers, the quality of service and, in turn, income. If those examples do not work and Bud’s and Vernon’s mindsets will not transform, it will be necessary to mention figures and calculations that guarantee the success of such innovations. If they do not change opinions concerning the issue again, it would be effective to persuade them in importance of new approaches and decisions. Essentially, it is impossible to change individuals’ mental model in 20 minutes: changes of mindsets demand much time and intellectual efforts. Nevertheless, it is worth trying to demonstrate that new decisions are necessary and highly desirable.

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It is important to identify the five major forces that influence Bud’s and Vernon’s mental models. The first one and, perhaps, the most influential one is genetics. Though people are born tabula rasa, they inherit much information concerning who they are and what they should do via genes. Temper, which considerably influences individuals’ behaviors, is a good example of considerably impact of genetics. Though genetic is a base for our personality, education is another powerful vehicle that regulates people’s worldview, lifestyle and behavior. Similarly with genetics, education creates a foundation of our knowledge and understanding of the world. Education determines people’s thinking, will and helps to formulate suggestions regarding external world and search for each person’s place in it. Taking a risk and transforming strategy are prerogatives of the latest researchers and educational institutions, Bud and Vernon may have a lack of knowledge concerning non-traditional delivery, despite the rich experience. Influence of others is also important, as we live in the society and depend on the will of its members. As positive relationship with society and successful socialization improve an individuals’ wellbeing, it is important to note that conformity is not always a suitable variant. However, Bud and Vernon are the ones who have enough authority and respect to resist the opinion of others. In this situation, Vernon and Bud insist on their position, rather than get under the influence of other workers. As Bud and Vernon are experienced workers that have made many efforts to improve the company’s situation, they are strongly influenced by their past experience of decision making and planning. This force is evident in their position regarding innovation: their past experience tells them that it is safe to follow old strategies instead of taking a risk. Nevertheless, it is necessary for them to realize that contemporary competitive business environment does not stand usual practices. Rewards and incentives are the fifth force, which is connected with peoples’ rewards for making some action in accordance with a certain mindset. Bud and Vernon used to apply ineffective strategies that did not bring much success, but did not cause losses. They might have been encouraged for such decisions that were appreciated earlier; however, this decision-making is unlikely to be approved today.

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