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Broadbanding System of Administration: The King Company

Broadbanding is a management system in a Human Resources department that enables the organizations that experience persistent market changes to remain competitive. The objective of this field is to regulate the salary and grade ranges effectively in order to determine an appropriate earning for each position and incumbent within it. Reducing the number of grades is considered to be a way of decreasing the recurrent expenses. Notably, most of the organizations that use this system do so expecting to manage the salaries of the employees and remain relevant in the competitive business world. Besides, they need to work with lean systems that are always simple to run and control. Thus, this paper aims as discussing and analyzing the role and influence of broadbanding on such a specific organization as The King Company. What is more, other aspects of payment and job leaves policies of the company such as the bonus system and FMLA are examined.

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Broadbanding is defined as a pay structure that consolidates a large number of pay grades and salary ranges into several vast types with relatively wide payment ranks. In fact, it gives an incentive for career growth, enhances the collective responsibility and improves the teamwork skills. Furthermore, broadbanding refines the administrative structure, remodels the whole salary and merit pay system. However, broadbanding is more suitable for those organizations that constantly undergo changes and want to be flexible in the marketplace.

The concept of broadbanding focuses on enhancing the productivity within the organization. Another key point is that it removes the ranks that comprise promotions and salary based on it as well as adds value considering the employees benefits including the assistance in gaining the new competences and skills. The system pays a particular attention to the workforce thus supporting the ever-changing structure which is less formal and encourages the traditional compensation concept. Namely, employees are treated equally and their confidence is strengthened through the adherence to the internal culture which raises their competitiveness in the marketplace. The system is characterized by the fact that the directorial promotion is limited and ambitions towards working for the common good and establishing a better marketplace are encouraged. Significant thing to realize is that the broadbanding gives its staff freedom and ensures their control over the economic security.

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The main objective of The King Company concentrates on achieving a good position of its products on the market and broadening of the customer base. In order to attain this goal a multitude of innovative and productive activities in such potential business working areas as America and Europe should be performed. Talking about the problems of the company, it is necessary to mention the employees’ salaries and bonus systems which the management office wants to reduce. Considering those, broadbanding would be an exceptionally helpful tool for The King Company in order to elaborate the dynamic changes currently required on the market. To clarify, applying the broadbranding the company would obtain much better results by paying a closer attention to the needs of the employees and allowing a free interaction which, in its turn, would enable the growth and productivity of the overall business performance of the enterprise.

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The benefits and bonus system of the King Company are inconsistent and not accepted by all the stakeholders. As a matter of fact, the bonus system of the company is variable and biased to some employees. For instance, some top leaders constantly act in favor of their closest allies. Namely, the retirement director seems to always support some workers while unfairly discriminating others which makes the employees feel shortchanged and deprived of the benefits. Thus, the management team ought to solve such troubles before introducing its new products.

Retirement benefits are another effective reward system that the King Company should implement. Nonetheless, it requires the contribution of a minimum 5% of the annual salaries and some directors seem reluctant to give this money in addition to rewarding the employees with the better packages and irregular promotions. However, even though many financial resources are to be spent (sometimes 15% of the profit), the system is still very attractive as the retirement benefits are crucial to the well-being of the society members.

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The tuition reimbursement program encourages the employees to pursue a number of work-related courses in the university. In the case of The King Company, most of their accounting staff was enrolled in the program during the fall. Nevertheless, a multitude of the job leaves made the employers to cancel the studies. As a result, even those who had already enrolled in the courses had to refuse from them. Correspondingly, this sudden change substantially affected the working environment and most of the staff members claimed an early retirement due to the pressure while others were very disappointed and frustrated.

To rectify this inconsistency The King Company is obliged to adapt the policies and systems that would be able to save its situation. For example, there is a policy of FMLA that consists of the well-formulated ways of addressing the system of the medical leaves and bonuses. What is more, the issues of the workers who have to quit their jobs due to the family problems would be addressed as well (Prohaska et al., 2011). FMLA provides an unpaid leave of up to 12 weeks and such job protection for a year would assist in reducing the costs which would occur when paying those employees who cannot work. Moreover, a system of health benefits would be expanded and an amount of work pressure would be lowered so that to increase the productivity and concentration among the employees.

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Staff is a part of the resources which private organizations need to manage well in order to receive a better outcome. The rate at which a number of staff is quitting their positions in The King Company reflects a complicated and unproductive work environment. Including all the systems of the information management mentioned above would greatly inspire the employees. It would also facilitate the management of the personal and working data of the employees. Over and above, a position of a special manager who would create and track already existing staff appointments and a position of a recruiter who would manage the hiring of the successful applicants would appear. Actually, this system eliminates negligence and incompetency in the recruitment process. Another essential change would be the implementation of PAF that is designed for the section administrators who can submit hires, terminations and job changes through the different electronic means which would also allow the preparation and adjustment of the payrolls. Considering the background of the King Company, such innovations would be extremely beneficial for it.

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In 2014 a number of court cases were ruled against the employees who violated the FMLA regulations. Several employees were not able to show the basic required documentation. Obviously, in the case of The King Company the termination of the FMLA employees was a problem. Hence, the employees should pay a refund and undergo some penalties (Magill, 2014). Therefore, in order to avoid the inconveniences the organizations should ensure that all the procedures are done correctly (Cannonier, 2014).

Most of the workers feel that it is punitive to be obliged to the employer while being on leave (Hersonski, 2011). For instance, in the case of Hamilton v. Republic Airways Holdings (July, 2014), the court rejected both FMLA interference and retaliation claims of the flight attendant who was dismissed for refusing to handle an assigned flight and abuse of FMLA leave. Thus, regardless of the leave benefits the employees must always respect the terms of employment (Malone, 2011).

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In another case of Dalpiaz v. Carbon County (July 25, 2014), the court clearly stipulated that an employee’s request does not refrain him/her from the responsibility. In this case an employee took a FMLA leave after a car accident and refused to comply with a court order. Consequently, the court decided against the employee. Making a conclusion relying on these two court cases, it is clear that organizations might often face difficulties in controlling their irresponsible employees.

To sum up, the broadbanding system is highly recommended for the King Company as it is able reduce its internal expenditures. It can also widen the customer sector if the company enters an international market. However, in order for the company to become powerful in the marketplace a number of objectives should be reached as well as a loyal and advantageous system for the employees of the company should be refined and further developed. The benefits can be reinforced with the appropriate means and awareness level. Talking about FMLA, it would be both profitable and convenient for the King Company to rely on it. Surely, the functioning of the structures and departments of the company would be facilitated and technically improved.

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