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A Family in Crisis

Stress is part of an everyday life, but at times, it hits people so hard that they feel exhausted. Everyone has his/her ways of dealing with life-threatening events such as loss of a job, demise of a loved one and so on. This essay aims at examining the case of Mrs. Brown by identifying factors influencing the situation, type of crisis, and nursing intervention to be used.

Question 1

The environment where the family of Mrs. Brown lives is full of stress in all aspects. Firstly, there is a physical hardship of providing for the huge family given her position as a widow. The medical needs of the ailing mother are so demanding since there is no other sibling to help in catering for the elderly woman. This state has led the family to psychological stress because they try to work out the best ways of dealing with the situation at hand. Pressure has made Mrs. Brown lose appetite, and this interferes with the biological process leading to the deterioration of the immune system (Salleh, 2008). Since she does not have an insurance cover, it becomes even worse because she is exhausted carrying the weight of every task dictated by socio-cultural norms. The behavioral manifestation of her agony is evident in her request to the nurse, whereby she says that she does not want to live anymore.

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Question 2

This situation is a crisis and to be specific a situational one, since according to Swan and Hamilton (2014), emergencies have limited time and are acute in nature. They are an outcome of an event that causes emotional and psychological stress to an individual. In the same regard, the situation affecting Mrs. Brown is a result of being widowed and the lack of a job besides her mother being ill. It is not permanent because she only needs financial support. It is also environmentally based, and if the government offers a health insurance cover to people in her situation, it will be relatively easy for her to deal with the issue.

Question 3

The nursing intervention I will use is home care concentrating on the empowerment of Mrs. Brown and the family (Kamis, 2013). I will encourage her to try to accept the loss of her late husband and then come into reality with the situation at hand. I will recommend her to charitable organizations that assist the poor and vulnerable in society to address the ailment problem of her mother. Furthermore, I will inform her of the government health care affirmative action that helps persons in a situation like hers.

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Question 4

If the problem involves many households in the community, I will treat this as a disaster and call for external assistance. I will try to identify its cause, and if families have lost their breadwinners due to an individual source of pollution, the government should be informed to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. This idea will give affected families compensation, and even though it will not heal their wounds, it will help them living in a more secure environment. I will also employ mass sensitization on how to deal with the personal problems by encouraging members of society to be informed of governmental programs that are meant to help them in times of such distress (Kamis, 2013).

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Mrs. Brown’s situation is stressful because it affects both internal and external aspects. The problem is a result of the situation she is undergoing but with the intervention used, she will be in a position to lead her normal life again. If the situation is similar in the whole area, then the government and other charitable organizations need to be involved.

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