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The Nazi gender ideals and sexuality were mainly influenced by Adolf Hitler social views. The regime that ruled from 1930 to 1945 enacted various policies on gender based on Adolf Hitler’s personal beliefs. The women had domestic roles, whereas men fulfilled the state roles. The film Aimee and Jaguar is about the extraordinary love affair between two women during the period of Nazi regime. reveals how the policies of Nazi on gender and sexuality put the union of the women in extremely dangerous and awkward position. Felice, one of the characters in the film, fails to meet Nazi gender ideals despite numerous constraints set by the society of that time.

Hitler emphasized that women’s main role was that of motherhood. Moreover, the same sex relationship was illegal during the Nazi regime. Despite the strict rules, Felice is a lesbian. She has secret affair with a married woman. The relationship is revealed when Felice catches Lily unaware with an erotic kiss. Lilly does not know that she is a lesbian until Felice arouses her feelings. As a result, her marriage status shows that she is already outlawed, according to Nazi policies on people’s sexual behavior. The same outlaw nature is portrayed in her job. Felice works for an underground radical group irrespective of the fact that she has a good job as an assistant editor of Nazi newspaper. Moreover, the Nazi gender roles specified that a woman was not to be seen in public places. Furthermore, a mother was given same status as a soldier because women were viewed to have given their body for the sake of the nation by giving birth.

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Nazi ideology on gender did not appreciate childless and unmarried women. They frequently faced discrimination and public humiliation. Felice, who remains childless in the film, does not fulfill her role as a woman. She is not married to any man and even goes ahead to engage in sexual relation with a married woman. Furthermore, homosexuality was illegal and the Nazis introduced a clause that allowed imprisonment of homosexuals. Homosexual women and men were a shame to the nation and were considered failures. They fail to perform their gender role.

It is clear that the character of Felice is driven by three factors. First, Felice is in a homosexual relationship, which heavily influences her behavior. Homosexuality in the regime was punishable by death. Felice has to downplay her feelings. However, there are many scenes where Felice loses her control as depicted in a sex scene in the film, which reveals her immorality and homosexuality. Felice is seen in the film as hiding her love affair from the public. Her love for Lilly motivated her choice to stay in Germany when she was offered an opportunity to escape.

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Secondly, Felice is a Jewish woman, who lives in a hostile environment. She is compelled to hide her identity from her boss, the editor of Nazi newspaper as well as her lover Lilly. However, she later revealed her true identity to the beloved woman. It means Felice has remained secretive and canning to continue working in a society that would otherwise not allow her to enjoy such benefits. In fact, she struggles to hide her feelings about the rumors of Hitler's death to protect her job. Finally, Felice’s job with the underground radical group secretly in resistance to the Nazi regime also shapes her character as a spy. She is able to perform the duties well since she can access all the needed secrets as an editor of the mainstream newspaper.

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In conclusion, it is evident that Felice operates under three constraints that make her fail to perform the Nazi gender ideals. The first constraint is that Felice is a lesbian in a regime where homosexuality is illegal. She lives in secret as any public disclose can result in the death sentence. Secondly, she falls in love with Lilly, a married woman and a mother of four children. The aspect forces both of them to hide their sexual affairs. Finally, Felice is a Jewish lady, who operates in a regime that discriminates Jews. She is compelled to hide her identity from the Nazi newspaper editor, where she works as an assistant editor as well as her lover Lilly.

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