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Behavioral gender differences evident in life have their sources both in biological background and the societal contributions, as well as their amplifications, yet they do not qualify to be the source of injustice or inequality of any kind towards women. The underlying scientific factors work hand in hand with the societal and the environmental contributions. As much as women want to thrive, be the best and win, in most cases, they tend to neglect their ambitions because of widely accepted view of their male counterparts’ superiority and women’s incapability of competing with them. However, it is possible for women to show their identity, without taking into consideration the biased perspective of men and societal stereotypes regarding women’s career, success, appearance, and even personality. Women should understand that they have the right to choose what way of life to live and what kind of person to be, because all limitations imposed on them are not biological, but rather created by men’s subjectivity, the peculiarities of upbringing, and women’s acceptance of socially designed feminine role.

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Women are born to be women, and they should live as such. They are as strong as men and should have equal opportunities to explore and experience the world to their choice, without victimization. The feminine character, which need approval from men and seeks to be inferior to them do not actually describe women. At a glance, this character may appear humiliating, but in the real sense it is not. Some women do not wear the façade of the feminine character to make men feel superior, rather fit and struggle less. If behaving in a feminine way makes a woman more accommodated in the society, then every woman will opt to do so. The proponents of feminism feel that women should be accepted without playing the feminine game. The woman does not have to be apologetic for being outstanding for appreciation and acceptance, even if it requires some aggressiveness. As a matter of fact, they should win the appraisal in society for who they are. However, be the winning weapon should not the beautiful looks, but rather women’s abilities and achievements. The attitude of men stating that only beautiful women should get the appreciation and be public figures is highly mistaken. Every woman should feel proud of their personality, looks and age regardless of whether men consider them to be pretty or not.

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Men are subjective, and thus their criteria should not serve as the basis of approval for women. The former always want to exploit the latter, and they claim to be naturally sexists thus requiring the best of beautiful women. As Pozner argues, men hurled abusive comments on the Dove’s ad simply because they felt that the ladies on the billboards did not match their perception of beautiful women (Pozner 222). The above mentioned leads to enquiries regarding whether it is males’ priority to decide which women can be considered beautiful enough to appear on ads. However, women are not objects for sale, that the buyers should determine their price, appearance or taste. Women are human beings with feelings, emotions and lives to live. It is awkward to have to bear the insults from men, and the universal like acceptance of the insults. Yet, ironically, even some women accept the atrocities leveled against fellow women by men which is rather shameful. Pozner further says the most painful part of the fact is that the men who were most vocal in insulting the women on the Dove’s ad were reputational and respectable men honored in the society (Pozner 221). If such men do not respect women for their personality and their abilities, how then can their perspective be the criteria to grade and value the latter? The objectivity of men is limited to their feeling of superiority, and they always approach women with subjective attitudes and perceptions. Thus, women should aim to live independently of such subjectivity and get the opportunity to live their lives as they please.

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Women readily accept the feminine role not because it is perfect, but because the society has made it inevitable. They appear to have accepted the inferior role in every way possible. From childhood, girls are taught that they should only engage in soft activities, and always appreciate the aggressiveness of their male counterparts. Similarly, boys are taught to be aggressive and that they should not lose to women. The orientation the society gives to women makes them accept to play the feminine game to make life smooth for them.

As the society predominantly shows appreciation to beautiful women, those that have talent but are not physically attractive do not get recognition. Therefore, women decide to use both talent and beauty to get recognition in society. Nelson argues that women who thrive in aggressive activities and games such as athletes always tend to be apologetic or friendly to fit in the feminine role (Nelson 145). She argues that if they do not wear the feminine façade, they will be prone to victimization and rejection, as the society recognizes their aggression as rudeness and an insult to womanhood. Therefore, women do engage in the feminine game because they are comfortable with it, but because it becomes inevitable for survival. Therefore, feminism is the solution for women who find themselves in such conditions.

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However, people with contrary opinion argue that women are naturally and biologically soft, weak and should remain such, which implies that men should be dominant while women take the inferior position. At the same time, this argument fails to acknowledge that even though the testosterone hormone is higher in male and less in the female, it is not the ground for the male superiority in society. The biological factors only contribute to a certain percentage, while the society contributes to the extreme into the differences occurring currently. If the society changes its approach in the way it raises and treats boys and girls, the superiority of men would not be a default.

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