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The Vampire

In every part of the universe, there are a number of things that people do to survive, especially during hardship. In the North part of California, the residents faced some challenges that brought about financial hardships to the communities residing in the area. In order to curb the financial challenges of the community, one private organization came up with the idea of opening a blood market. It was a facility provided in a private hospital in the region. Members of the general public, who were desperate, visited the clinic mostly at night and sold some blood from their bodies.

To qualify as a potential seller, one was required to give a sample of his or her blood to the market. It was analyzed and diagnosed to identify whether the person was suffering from a disease that can be spread through blood transfusion. In addition, the buyers checked the blood group and the Rhesus factor to identify the status of the seller. After receiving the sample, medical experts examined the sample and tested for diseases such as HIV to ensure that the seller was a save source of blood. After delivering the sample, one could receive a message, letter or a phone call to notify him on a date and time to make the delivery (Skal 45).

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One day while examining samples, medical experts came across a unique sample that appeared to them to be outstanding from the others. Guided with greed for money and wealth, the blood market owners decided to invite the seller and suck all his blood since it appeared to be outstanding and compatible with all blood groups irrespective of rhesus. Without wasting much time, the seller was sent an invitation through an email, as well as a letter. Attempts to make a phone call failed since his number seemed to be unavailable. In the invitation, he was required to come and deliver blood the following morning. He replied the email immediately requesting to make the delivery during the night since his schedule was tight. Without hesitation, the administration accepted the request.

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It was about 8 o’clock in the evening when a number of blood sellers, especially from the poor families, had formed a queue in the blood market, when a strong man joined the line. To the other blood sellers in the queue, it appeared abnormal to see a man who appeared to be financially well-up standing there to sell blood. Nevertheless, since each person was brought by his own problem, no one bothered. Although the man was confident, he looked confused - a factor that made the other sellers enquire whether it was his first time to sell blood. He confirmed that it was his first time, and he was not sure of the amount he could sell. Other sellers informed him that the doctor will advise on the maximum possible depending on his physical health (Klinger 570).

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After queuing for a short period, a nurse came and called for a man by the name David. The other sellers who had arrived earlier and were at the front in the queue complained and criticized the decision terming it as corruption. Without concentrating much on them, David followed the nurse towards the main hospital entrance. After entering, the nurse locked the door using a combination key. Confused, he asked her what is happening, but without an answer, she smiled and directed him just to lie on the bed and wait for the doctors. Two doctors arrived accompanied by two strong men who looked like security guards. The two men tied David as one of the doctors gave an explanation to him. He told him about diagnosing the blood sample he sent. They realized that his blood could change their lives since it was unique. Therefore, to quench their thirst for wealth, they will take all his blood and allow him to die.

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Prepared to start sucking his blood, they received a shock of their lives. David started to laugh loudly instead of getting worried by the doctor’s explanation. He broke the handcuffs that tied him to the bed. The doctors tried to escape and ran for their lives, but he had extraordinary powers that made him manage to stop them from escaping. He started to bite them one after another sucking their blood. When he opened his mouth, the doctors realized that he had extraordinary canines that are usually possessed by carnivores. His tongue was longer than normal, and his eyes were changing. When biting them one after the other, he kept saying “you will hate vampires”.

Other blood sellers in the queue were waiting for the door to open but it took a long time. Therefore, they decided to go and check what was happening. When they broke in, they found David feasting on one of the doctors and the other staff lying on the floor. They decided to stone him, but he was quick to escape from the scene. From that day on, Northern California experienced shocking news now and then about someone who was operating at night, eating people and sucking their blood (Vermeir 92). The residents consulted an old man in the region, the one they all referred to as a wise man. He informed them that there are some creatures that resemble human beings, but they feed on human flesh and survive on human blood. To their astonishment, the two doctors and other staff in the blood market recovered in no time and turned to be human blood thirst maniacs. They also started hunting human beings and feeding on them.

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It was reported to become a disaster in the region and a threat to the human race. Government officials called for meetings while security organs organized themselves to fight the enemy. David was caught several times, but killing him was a legend. Shooting him could not kill him. The situations confused the resident of the region and they were left with no alternative but to wait for death. Young men organized themselves in groups and approached the wise man for advice. He advised them to improvise a lighting system that could offer enough light similar to sunshine during the night. He also told them that vampires cannot survive during day time due to sunlight that kills them (Summers 121). The youths took the old man’s advice seriously and developed lighting system in all public places and guarded their village the whole night. Anytime they suspected a vampire had entered their region, they could switch on the lights and see the vampires die one after the other.

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It took the youths many days to capture David who was believed to be the most horrible vampire. However, after struggling for many days, they identified his hideout and captured him. They decided to expose him to the public the following day in a village meeting, but they did not remember that the meeting was held during the day hence during sunlight. In the morning, as they carried him to the meeting, he came into direct contact with sun rays and died. It was an achievement that made the youths find themselves as potential leaders in the society. In addition, it marked the end of vampires’ threat in Northern California.

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