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Brussels and Bradshaw

Brussels and Bradshaw investment bank clearly has several issues in organizational behavior. The main issues are the lack of HR management supervision; the second one is connected with the poor hierarchical organization. Both of the problems are closely related to the company’s client orientation. The company puts a client over an employee and it may lead to bad performance in the end.

The first issue is widely discussed in the case. The first sign, that one has to pay attention to, is that the company has no human resources manager; the only person who performs the relevant tasks lacks special background; Richards was not trained in conflict resolution (p. 283). This results in manager’s inability to fulfill employees’ requests about the colleagues they would like to work with (p. 283). The root of this situation is in the company’s attitude to problems on the workplace: authorities think that they are irrelevant, but employees figure out to get along on its own.

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The second issue which relates to bad task organization is shown through the example of Petterson’s and Audrey’s relations: the former did not formulate the tasks to the latter, which resulted in the dissatisfaction with the work process from each side.

These two issues are closely related to each other: the senior worker, who does not like the subordinate, will not formulate tasks to him properly. The latter will not meet his expectations and the level of mutual dissatisfaction will grow. This situation will last until one of these workers quit. Such pattern is apparently common for B&B since the company has a large turnover.

To stop this pattern the following has to be done regarding each case. In order to cope with the first issue, the company has to hire a professional HR manager who will work with employees, track the performance of each team he builds, make conclusions about which combinations of employees could raise overall performance as well as employees’ level of satisfaction.

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The second issue seems not so hard to deal with as well. The company should provide regulations describing which employee is responsible for performing particular tasks, make senior employees formulate the tasks they give to the junior employees in the writing form, including the scope of work, deadline and other important factors for each task. Those written instructions should not only be given to their subordinates, but also submitted to a higher level manager or any other specially appointed authority. In this case, if the problem appears, any employee who is dissatisfied with his colleague’s performance will be free to refer to these instructions and make the case.

The measures to be undertaken seem to be evident, however, in a working environment, where everyone is used to such aggressive treatment they may not be easy to implement. To make the process faster the company has to invest the resource manager with the full necessary authority to solve the conflicts, and provide penalties and fines for aggressive attitude to colleagues.

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