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Causes and Effects of Video Games’ Popularity

It is very hard to deny the fact that people like playing games. The reasons are various: desire for entertainment, cultural considerations, and even a way to teach children. It is needless to say that games have become a constituent part of a human world culture. Thus, it is possible to admit that games are developing with the other fields of human activity hand-in-hand. Simultaneously, computer technologies have been invented. Taking these points into consideration, it is utterly obvious that video games had to emerge. Nowadays, high technologies have made a considerable progress so that video games are evidently becoming a new level of the modern arts and culture. Doubtless, such a rapidly spreading phenomenon cannot produce little effects on a wide range of aspects. Having considered that, it is necessary to discuss causes and effects of video games to have become extremely popular among both children and adults.

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For beginners, it is necessary to linger upon the main reasons of video games’ emergence. To begin with, the drastic changes in the sphere of computer sciences have boosted the development of computer technologies. In fact, the idea to incorporate computer platforms into games development has appeared together with the growing popularity of gambling machines. As a consequence, people started being bored with simple card or luck games, and games with simple inner world and rules of existing within it have made a sound impression. Another reason why video games have become popular is the potentially unlimited opportunities for players and game designers.

To be more specific, the desire of people to create an imaginative world has played an important role. In other words, the development of video games is underpinned by the intention to create a world, which is not similar to human’s daily routines. At the same time, video games give the opportunity to try some unusual occupations. For instance, an individual can become a soldier of special forces, astronaut, magician, fighter, or even a ruler of the ancient empire. As a result, a combination of usual activities within an unusual world produces the feeling of so-called artistic merit.

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In such a way, video games have caused an artistic challenge for many game designers. In consequence, video started varying in genres, game platforms, and the number of players. By the same token, gameplay has become a separate aspect of video games design. It can be explained by the fact that a complex gameplay usually means that the video game is more exciting and its environment looks like the real one. As a result, video games as a popular way of entertainment have become a matter of a big business. Hence, video games are popularized as well as movie and pop industry. Eventually, it is the main cause of video games emerging in the world culture.

Speaking about the main effects of video games’ popularity, it is worth admitting that they have become a source of extreme violence. To be more exact, a wide range of video games contain violent scenes or presuppose cruel actions of the player. As a matter of fact, this cruelty is usually extends far beyond the natural human feeling of anger and aggression. In other words, numerous games imply more than actions of killing and destroying, including torturing, extremely violent slaughter, and even rape. Doubtless, it has become a reason for a huge number of cases of teenage violence and murders in schools. To the broadest extent, psyche of children has been affected in a hazardous way. By the same token, video games produce a high rate of addictiveness. Speaking about this effect in a simpler way, the world of a particular video game becomes more attractive for a player so that he or she can keep playing long hours instead of having meal, going outside, and busying themselves with other usual activities. What is more, it is important to note that a simple gambling factor still plays a role in this issue. It can be explained by the fact that many games have an exciting storyline so that a player wants to know more in one go.

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It should be admitted that video games are becoming a central issue of modern arts and culture. As it has been mentioned before, game designers are striving for more realistic gameplay and graphical shaping of virtual reality. Analysing this issue a little further than usually, it is possible to see the evident involvement of such arts as literature, scriptwriting, painting, music, and humor. In the same way, sciences obtain their portion of prominence as well due to the necessity to create lifelike gaming environment. Hence, video games industry contributes much to the world culture.

All in all, it is necessary to conclude that video games have become popular due to the growing tendencies within computer sciences and gambling industry as well as human desire to create an artificial world. Though, it has produced a negative effect on the players’ psyche because of high rates of addictiveness and painfully increasing evidence of extreme violence in game scenes and actions. On the contrary, video games have become a part of the world culture and united a wide range of arts in their modern interpretation. In addition, it is worth saying that it is a good way of entertainment and even education.

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